Fifth graders compare and contract the factors that influence a person's decision to use or not to use tobacco. For this tobacco lesson plan, 5th graders are given candy cigarettes to initiate a conversation on using tobacco. They prepare questions that they will use to interview a tobacco user and a non-tobacco user. They conduct their interviews and share their interviews with the class when completed.

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Instructional Design

Teaching Fundamental Movement

Students perform fundamental movement activities for flexibility and motor skills. In this movement lesson plan, students perform physical activity for all grade levels.

Busting the Tobacco Ads.

Fifth graders recognize that tobacco companies target young people with their advertisements. For this tobacco lesson, 5th graders understand why tobacco companies target youth. Students define the word adbuster and create adbusters to persuade youth not ot smoke. 

The Tobacco Time Bomb: What's In A Cigarette?

In this enlightening and disturbing health lesson, students read and discuss information on smoking and closely-look at the ingredients in a cigarette. You will be amazed at the list of ingredients that are found in cigarettes. This important and thorough lesson should help persuade students to NEVER smoke a cigarette.

What is Home?

Students discover the concept of a "home" by conducting interviews.  In this community lesson, students discuss what the word "home" means to them as well as research Habitat for Humanity.  Students interview home renters as well as Habitat for Humanity home owners and discover what "home" means to them.

Interviewing Protocols

Interviewing can be a fun way to pupils improve their writing and critical-thinking skills. This lesson requires learners to identify effective and ineffective interviewing skills, practice interview questions, and create a cartoon with the answers to their questions using a online source.

Tobacco Bag Stringing

Students view primary documents and learn about persuasive letters.  In this tobacco bag stringing lesson, students become familiar with people whose sole income was tobacco stringing and use their letters as the basis for writing persuasive letters.

Investigating Animals Through Non-Fiction Text

Conduct a shared reading activity with a non-fiction animal book. Young researchers identify the various text features in informational texts, complete a graphic organizer to compare and contrast text feature purposes, and finally choose their own animal to research as a follow-up activity.

Creators of Skits on Tobacco

Students investigate the negative health consequences of using tobacco products. In small groups they decide on a tobacco free message they want to promote, and create, prepare, and present a skit.


Students write paragraphs about the message of an advertisement ad they see in magazines and their intended audience. In this advertisements lesson plan, students look at tobacco, clothing, hair products, and more.

Non-Objective Art and Nouns

Nouns--they're a scream! Edvard Munch's famous expressionist painting, "The Scream" is used to illustrate how a painting can capture an emotion or an idea. After a discussion of this masterpiece, class members select an emotion or idea and illustrate the feeling without using any objects. The noun being represented is then written on the back of the illustration.

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