Using Adverbs of Manner And Frequency - Likes And Dislikes

7th - 9th

For this adverbs of manner and frequency worksheet, students answer questions about what type of music they like and how well they can play or sing music from the sixties. They tell how often they listen to or play sixties music.

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Language Focus Unit 1.2: Present Tense, Adverbs of Frequency

How often do your kids ride their bikes to school, or go to the parks on Saturdays? Use adverbs of frequency to indicate the times that things occur in a grammar worksheet, which also features activities on verbs in the present tense.

Language Focus and Vocabulary Unit 1.1: Present Tense, Adverbs of Frequency

Work on basic grammar concepts and vocabulary about free time activities with a language arts worksheet. After kids write negative and affirmative questions and answers in the present tense, they complete sentences using a word bank. Next, they put adverbs of frequency in order, and complete matching activities with vocabulary words.

Language Focus Unit 3.2: Present Simple

Learners can express their interests and practice grammar all at once with an educational learning exercise. After reviewing the present simple verb tense, kids work on adverbs of frequency (usually, always, never).

Language Focus Unit 1.3: Adverbs of Frequency, Present Tense Verbs

What do you usually have in your pocket? What aren't you ever late for? Have kids practice adverbs of frequency, as well as verbs in the present tense, with a vocabulary worksheet. It provides varied exercises such as fill-in-the-blanks and sentence reordering.

Clothes: Adverbs of Frequency

In this ESL activity instructional activity, students respond to 8 questions that require them to use adverbs of frequency. Students ask a classmates the same questions as well.

Learning About Adverbs

In this adverbs instructional instructional activity, students read about adverbs and then respond to 17 fill in the blank and identification questions.

Irregular Adverbs of Manner

What's the difference between good and well? How about hard and hardly? Practice these words and more with two activities. Using a brief reading passage and a word bank, class members complete 11 sentences in writing and then practice asking and answering eight provided questions. See the second page for detailed procedures.

Harness Music to Enhance Writing

Use the magic of music to engage the senses and bring new life to your writing curriculum.

Parts of Speech Chapter 5 - Adverbs

In this online interactive adverbs worksheet, students review what adverbs are and how they are used in sentences. Students take a multiple choice pop quiz online in regards to 10 specific questions about adverbs.

English Exercises: Adverbs

In this online interactive English worksheet, students respond to 9 fill in the blank questions about adverbs. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

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