Using Adverbs of Manner And Frequency - Likes And Dislikes

7th - 9th

In this adverbs of manner and frequency worksheet, students answer questions about what type of music they like and how well they can play or sing music from the sixties. They tell how often they listen to or play sixties music.

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Learning About Adverbs

In this adverbs instructional worksheet, students read about adverbs and then respond to 17 fill in the blank and identification questions.

The Function of Music

Explore concepts of audience, purpose and symbols in this lesson from Media Smarts that asks students to consider all the functions of music. Through a series of discussions and activities, your class will brainstorm possible functions of music and then think more deeply about how music can become a symbol of a time period, an event or a product through advertising. As a very cool final activity, small groups create multimedia collages of visuals and audio that express one function of music.

Clothes: Adverbs of Frequency

In this ESL activity worksheet, learners respond to 8 questions that require them to use adverbs of frequency. Students ask a classmates the same questions as well.

Conjunctive Adverb Activity

In this conjunctive adverb worksheet, students underline conjunctive adverbs, fill in punctuation for sentences that use conjunctive adverbs, fill in blanks in sentences with conjunctive adverbs and determine whether sentences are punctuated correctly.

Parts of Speech Chapter 5 - Adverbs

In this online interactive adverbs worksheet, learners review what adverbs are and how they are used in sentences. Students take a multiple choice pop quiz online in regards to 10 specific questions about adverbs.

Harness Music to Enhance Writing

Use the magic of music to engage the senses and bring new life to your writing curriculum.

Implied Meanings

In this implied meanings worksheet, students use adverb clues in the sentences to solve the duration and emphasis of sentences. Students complete 10 sentences total.

Introduction to Adverbs

Students develop a definition of the role/function of adverbs. Specifically students articulate that adverbs modify verbs by telling how something is done, when something is done, where something is done, or modify adverbs or adjectives.

English Exercises: Adverbs

For this online interactive English worksheet, students respond to 9 fill in the blank questions about adverbs. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

Adapting a Musical

Students transform literature into musical productions. In this integrated arts lesson, students discuss how musicals are written and produced. Students then select literature they are familiar with to adapt into musical productions.

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