Using Key Words to Unlock Math Word Problems

3rd - 8th

Students identify word problem strategies. In this problem solving lesson, students act as "math coaches" to identify key words that indicate mathematical operations. Students use a white board to complete each word problem

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Interactive Whiteboards
30 mins

Law of Sines Word Problems

Learners solve word problems using the law of sines. In this precalculus lesson, students work in groups as they define vocabulary terms. They apply the formula of sine to answer and solve problems.

Word Problem Day

Learners solve word problems using algebra. In this algebra lesson plan, students rewrite problems using algebraic symbols and representations. They work together to find the answers to real life scenarios using math.

Cool Tools to Solve Challenging Word Problems

Young scholars discover how to solve word problems using various strategies. In this problem solving lesson, students are introduced to the 5-step problem solving method, KNWS. Young scholars complete several problems independently and communicate how they got their answers. There are word problems included.

Age Word Problems 1

A few word problems involving age are presented. Starting with a simple problem and progressing to more complicated word problems, Sal uses a chart to organize the information given in the more complicated problem in order to solve for the variable.

Age Word Problems 2

Here are some more age word problems. The instructor uses a chart again to organize the information given. He works through the problem but ends the video with a solution that appears erroneous, but is actually correct. The answer seems too large for an age problem, but it is right.

Age Word Problems 3

This presentation simply demonstrates how to solve an age word problem. It is worth the time it takes for viewing.

Math Word Problems

Gaining proficiency with mathematical word problems is a crucial skill for your students to master.

Fraction Word Problem Worksheets

There are actually several math topics covered by this set of problems. First is the addition of fractions and mixed numbers with both like and unlike denominators. Nine word problems are provided after some whole class practice.There are also a few problems requiring the use of Venn diagrams, and finally, calculation of perimeter and area with whole and decimal values. In addition to the problems on the webpage, there are links to many other assignments as well.

Using Key Words to Unlock Math Word Problems

Students act as math coaches to solve word problems. In this math word problems lesson, students brainstorm key words in math operations, create flash cards to review relationships between words and operations, coach each other in the problems, and write their own word problems.

One Variable Word Problems

Here is a one-variable word problems worksheet in which learners complete word problems dealing with all four operations and one variable. They complete a total of 18 problems.

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