Water Safety Checklist

2nd - 3rd

Students discuss water hazards and how to stay safe.  In this safety lesson, students read handouts and complete a water safety checklist to help themselves and their families.  

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Water Safety

Young scholars identify bathtub and pool safety rules. In this water safety lesson, students create a bathtub safety book and water bottle label that contain pool and water safety rules.

Water Safety Spelling Worksheets

In this water safety worksheet, students read paragraphs about water safety and write spelling words taken from each paragraph. Students write 5 words 4 times each.

Water Safety Spelling Sheet

In this spelling learning exercise, students read several tips about water safety and write the water safety spelling words four times each. There are five words to practice spelling.

Summer Safety!

Students learn how to be safe in the summertime. In this personal health lesson, students examine swimming safety, bike safety, and nature safety. Students read literature and complete safety activities.

Hang Loose, Be Water Safe!

Students examine and discuss summer water safety guidelines. They read the handout "Lifeguard Lani's Water Safety Tips" as a class, and complete a worksheet. Students then write water safety problem scenarios and trade with a partner, providing a solution to their partner's scenarios.

Water Safety

Students examine water safety for the beach. They discuss the three safety rules, demonstrate various ways to rescue a person, participate in the stingray shuffle dance, and complete a crossword puzzle quiz.

Hang Loose, Be Water Safe!

Students examine water safety information. In this water safety lesson plan, students evaluate options in each problem scenario and use water safety tips to complete worksheets.  Students write five water safety problems on their own and trade with a partner to provide solutions to the problems. 

A Brochure of Safety Tips

Third graders create a safety brochure. In this personal safety lesson, 3rd graders work in groups to create a brochure on how to stay safe using HyperStudio software. Students select their own safety theme (fire, water, playground, bus, ect.)

First To Float

Students determine how to float on their backs in a swimming pool. They participate in swimming lessons at a community pool. While working in small groups they practice floating on their backs to increase their safety around the pools. They work on water safety lessons to reduce the incidence of drowning.

Safety Safari

Second graders discuss personal safety in and around the home. They explore their classroom, looking for animal signs with safety rules on them, thus completing a "Safety Safari." They discuss all of the rules they find and promise to discuss the safety rules at home.

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