Adverbs of Manner

3rd - 4th

In this adverbs worksheet, students analyze 6 pictures that depict an action. Students read the sentence starter and write an adverbial phrase that best completes the description of the picture.

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Did You Say Adverbs?

In this adverb learning exercise, students identify and produce adverbs in sentences. In this fill in the blank and short answer learning exercise, students complete eleven sentences.


In this adverbs worksheet, students fill in the correct form of the adverbs into the blanks in the sentences. Students complete 27 sentences total.

Adverbs of Manner Exercise

In this online grammar worksheet, students complete an adjective and adverb table. Students then choose the adverb from the brackets to complete the 12 sentences.

Adjectives or Adverbs

In this adjectives or adverbs worksheet, students fill in the blanks to the sentences with either the adjectives or adverbs. Students complete 35 problems total.

Adjective and Noun or Verb and Adverb?

In this parts of speech worksheet, students choose adjectives, nouns, verbs, or adverbs to fill in blanks to sentences and choose the correct word for sentences. Students complete 3 activities.

Adverbs Exercises 2

In this interactive grammar worksheet, students select the correct adverb from the drop down menu to complete each of the 12 sentences.

English Exercises: Adverbs

For this online interactive English worksheet, students respond to 9 fill in the blank questions about adverbs. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

Frequency Adverbs

In this frequency adverbs worksheet, students choose the sentence that uses the frequency adverbs correctly. Students complete 10 multiple choice problems.

English Exercises:  Advanced Adverbs

In this advanced adverbs worksheet, 8th graders interactively select the sentence that fits the meaning given, based on the placement of the adverb, for 20 sentences, with immediate online feedback.

ESL-Adverbs of Frequency

In this ESL adverbs worksheet, students use drop down lists to choose the correct adverbs to fill in blanks in sentences, then write sentences with adverbs.

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