Chemistry of Food

9th - 10th

In this chemistry of food activity, learners complete 20 various types of questions related to food and nutrition. First, they complete a crossword puzzle with vocabulary terms. Then, students use the figure shown to write the appropriate terms from a list given in the spaces provided. Finally, they summarize an advantage and a disadvantage of using food additives in the American food supply.

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Acids and Bases

In this acids and bases activity, learners complete 32 fill in the blank and short answer questions on acidity or alkalinity. They color molecular diagram according to the key.

AP Chemistry: Acid-Base Worksheet

In this acid-base instructional activity, students solve multiple problems related to reactions of acids and bases. They determine pH of solutions, they find conjugate acids and bases, they calculate concentrations of acids and bases and they write ionization reactions.

Chemistry Revision Themes: Quick Crosswords

A collection of 16 different chemistry crosswords provides variety in the ways that your class reviews chemistry vocabulary and concepts. Because the topics for each range from the introductory periodic table of elements to the complex energetics and kinetics, this resource is valuable to middle school and high school teachers alike. Each puzzle is comprehensive in coverage and has anywhere from 12 to 36 questions to answer. Add this to your library of review tools. US teachers, be aware that there are British spellings for some terms. In most cases, the US spelling requires the same number of letters as the British, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Acids and Bases I

In this acids and bases worksheet, students complete 34 multiple choice and problem solving questions on pH and pOH of solutions. They write net ionic equations for given reactions.

Elements Of Chemistry: Acids and Bases

Students use evidence to predict whether or not a substance is an acid or a base.  In this chemistry lesson students determine the pH of substances.

Acids and Bases

In this chemistry worksheet, students answer 50 multiple questions on acids and bases. They calculate the pH and pOH of acid and bases solutions.

Chemistry: Acids and Alkalis

Students identify substances that are acids and alkalis. In this acids and alkalis lesson, students conduct tests to determine if given substances are acids or alkalis. They test substances and explain the different qualities that make them either acidic or alkaline. They complete a homework assignment and a quiz.

Acids and Bases

Students use supporting evidence to predict if common household substances are acids or bases. They determine the pH of the substances and describe the results of the investigation and characteristics of each substance.

Quiz on pH, Acids, Bases, Alkalis, Neutralisation and Salts

In this chemistry activity, students complete 5 multiple choice questions by selecting the correct answer from the drop down box.

Acids and Bases: Together again!

Students identify principles behind acid-base reactions. They predict factors that may affect an acid-base reaction. Students identify questions and concepts that guide scientific investigations.

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