Clauses: Parts of a Sentence

3rd - 4th

Deconstruct the parts of a sentence with an activity on clauses. After reading several examples, third and fourth graders find the main clause and subordinate clause in each sentence. Use the resource as part of a unit on sentence structure and varying writing styles.

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Relative Pronouns

Enhance your grammar lesson with a presentation on relative pronouns. Part of a larger unit on different kinds of pronouns, the resource offers two ways to teach your class about relative pronouns - with a reference worksheet, or a slide show presentation. Include an activity to help kids decide between using who, whom, that, and which.

Forming Complex Sentences with Subordinating Conjunctions

Trying to help your learners improve their writing? Experiment with complex sentences with this handout and short exercise. This handout presents definitions of different types of clauses, a table explaining subordinating conjunctions, and a brief word on punctuation. For the exercises, learners identify subordinating conjunctions in a series of sentences and then rewrite the sentences by playing around with clauses.

Independent and Dependent Clauses

Have learners identify the main clause, subordinate clause, and relative clause within a sentence. One page of definitions and examples accompanies a page of exercises for scholars to practice finding the various clauses.


Have your class doing everything from reading literature, analyzing literary devices, identifying independent and dependent clauses, discussing, and writing creatively with the rich resource found here. After a mini lesson on independent and dependent clauses, your class will read, annotate, and answers questions on two different short stories by O. Henry: After Twenty Years and The Last Leaf. There is also an activity on optical illusions that explore similar themes without the language demands of a text. As a final task, get your class writing creatively with three potential writing prompts. Note: While many skills are practiced here, grammar in-context is the main focus.  

Adverb Clauses

In this adverb clauses instructional activity, students answer short answer questions and mark adverb clauses in sentences. Students complete 19 problems.

First and Last Sentences

Third graders discover how to read sentences in a paragraph and know the main idea. In this main idea lesson, 3rd graders read paragraphs, underline the first and last sentences and determine the main idea. Students do guided and independent practice.

Reducing Adjective Clauses Part 2

In this reducing adjective clauses part 2 activity, students read the explanation for shortening a relative (adjective) clause with an active voice verb, then interactively completes 10 sentences by reducing the modifying clause to a participial one, with immediate online feedback.

English Exercises: Present Simple Tense Affirmative Sentences Part 1

In this present simple verb tense online worksheet, students fill in the blanks in 34 affirmative sentences. They fill in the blanks using the correct form of the words that are shown in parentheses. They use the "Done" button to submit their answers.

Adjective Clauses

Students study about adjective clauses. They practice using subject and object pronouns in adjective clauses and identify the noun that the adjective clause is modifying. They play a game in which they are required to use this technique.

Grammar: Adjective Clauses

Twelfth graders practice using subject and object pronouns in adjective clauses.

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