Community Helpers

2nd - 3rd

In this community workers worksheet, students read a one page text that has information about 8 community helpers and their jobs. Students then answer 8 matching questions and draw a mini poster that tells why community helpers are important.

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Careers - Community Helpers

Different types of community helpers are the focus of this sociology lesson. Learners read the book Community Helpers from A to Z, choose a community helper to focus on, complete a graphic organizer, draw a picture of their helper, and write three facts about their helper.

Using Math to Draw the Mayflower

Third graders access information from a website about the Pilgrims trip on the Mayflower and discuss the number of people on the ship and the time they spent on the ship. They draw, label and measure the Mayflower to perspective.

Matching game with the U.S. Constitution

Students play a matching game with Constitutional terms. In this U.S. Constitution lesson plan, students play a matching game with images and terms about the U.S. Constitution. This lesson plan includes lots of background information on the Constitution.

All Kinds of Workers

By discussing the roles of workers in their community, learners explore the concept of goods vs. services. After an exploration of the different roles people play, they use PowerPoint to sort pictures of workers into categories. They also have to supply a rationale for their choices.

Community Helper

Second graders study those who provide services in their community. In this community helper lesson, 2nd graders consider future occupations as they complete an activity regarding community helpers. Students draw a community helper and write about his/her responsibilities.

Community Helpers

Students investigate community helpers. In this communities lesson plan, students compare and contrast for-profit and non-profit jobs and choose one job to illustrate on paper.

Community Caring Match Ups

Students discuss different types of community helpers. They create a large paper doll replica of the worker, including clothing and tools. Afterward, they connect with the community by describing their helpers to each other.

Responsibility and Jobs

Students identify community helpers. In this philanthropy activity, students read Strega Nona and identify different characters' responsibilities in the story. Students use character traits to describe the main characters and make a list of ways to be responsible.

All Kinds of Workers

Second graders determine the difference between goods produced and services provided by workers. They use PowerPoint to sort pictures of various workers and explain their rationale. Students distinguish between goods produced and services provided in communities.

Community Helpers Wheel

Pupils play a game to reinforce the understanding that some community helpers are producers of goods, and some provide a service. Students identify community helpers and their jobs.

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