Community Helpers

2nd - 3rd

In this community workers worksheet, students read a one page text that has information about 8 community helpers and their jobs. Students then answer 8 matching questions and draw a mini poster that tells why community helpers are important.

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World History

Workers Who Help Us At School (Part 1)

Students identify the roles and responsibilities of various school workers. They identify implications of what would happen in the school community if a school worker did not complete that role or responsibility.

Telling Time

Here is a terrific lesson plan on telling time designed for 2nd graders. Learners practice how to tell time to the nearest five minutes. They learn how many seconds are in a minute, a how many minutes are in an hour, and how many hours are in a day. All of this knowledge gets put to use by playing online games on the computer, putting together flip books that are about telling time, and doing some old fashioned drill and practice. A fabulous all-around instructional activity that covers this important topic quite well.

Grade 1 Literacy in Social Studies: My Informational Report About Community Workers

Get ready to teach a unit about community workers that uses Common Core literacy standards as a way to connect language arts and social studies. The packet is printable and contains teaching strategies, scripted activities, and performance tasks for reading and writing with informational texts. Children will learn about and discuss the role community workers play in their everyday lives, as well as explore the use of textual evidence in their writing and their speaking. Both the reader's and writer's workshops are broken down into comprehensive tasks by day. Worksheets, graphic organizers, web links, rubric, and standard rationale are all included.

Draw One: A State and National Symbols Card Game

Students review the state and national symbols. In groups, they are given a set of Draw One cards and their goal is to collect as many sets of symbols as possible. While playing the game, they can ask other members if they have a certain card to make their set complete.

Building Background Knowledge: Why Do Workers Strike? (Chapter 11: "Los Aguacates/Avocados")

Make connections between Esperanza Rising and human rights with the activities outlined here. The lesson starts out with a brief quiz and review of the novel. After that, pupils circulate and share quote strips that you give to them. The goal is to match quotes from the novel with quotes about human rights. Class members will also learn what a strike is and connect that knowledge to the novel by completing a note-catcher and discussing the text. All materials are included in an engaging Common Core designed lesson.

Helper T Cells

The main concepts covered by this video are the complicated procedures that follow recognition of a foreign body by the immune system. Sal describes the roles of helper T cells and memory cells in controlling a response in the future.

Community Helpers Wheel

Students play a game to reinforce the understanding that some community helpers are producers of goods, and some provide a service. Students identify community helpers and their jobs.

New Titles to Draw Readers to Your Bookshelves

These four books will help your pupils learn about animal habitats, community helpers, and the Titanic.

Elements and Principles in Drawing

Learners are introduced to several elements in drawing including contrast, perspective, shape, space and color. They complete various art projects and use these elements to produce rhythm, movement and emphasis in their drawings.

Community Helpers

First graders explore the different products and services provided by community helpers. In this community helpers instructional activity, learners participate in a role playing activity where the students transform into community helpers. They break into teams, one provides a service the other provides a product. Students are encouraged to work as a team to complete their task in the time allotted, then share what they learned during this instructional activity.

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