Comparative Form of Adjectives

2nd - 3rd

Here's a grammar worksheet that covers comparative and superlative adjectives, as well as past participles and present perfect tense. Learners complete several exercises in which they practice using -er and -est. They also convert present tense verbs to the past participle, and write original sentences using both affirmative and negative forms. Finally, to write "have you ever..." questions, they must use the appropriate verb form for each. Finally they fill in the blank in 10 sentences using the present perfect form of verbs from a word bank. 

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ELD Lesson Planner: Celebrating Traditions

Help your third graders reinforce their literacy and grammar skills with this resource, which incorporates four Houghton-Mifflin stories ("The Keeping Quilt," "Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope," "The Talking Cloth," and "Dancing Rainbows"). They practice comparing and contrasting, as well as noting details about characters, using possessive pronouns and comparative adjectives. The activity is differentiated into beginning, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Class members review comparative and superlative forms of adjectives with example sentences. They complete four exercises to practice correct usage. First they choose the appropriate form (from the comparative and superlative) of an adjective to complete four sentences. Next, they adapt a positive adjective to the form indicated in parentheses for ten sentences. They insert the proper form of a given adjective based on the context of the sentence. Finally they review and assess their mastery. 

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

For this comparative and superlative adjectives worksheet, students read a review of their usage with example sentences, choose the correct adjectives to complete sentences, complete a double-T chart providing the comparative and superlative adjectives, and review and assess knowledge. Students write forty answers.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

This resource provides a quick summary of rules governing comparative and superlative verbs, both spelling and usage guidelines. Then learners practice with several exercises. First they write the comparative and superlative forms for eight adjectives. They adapt adjectives to fit the context of 16 sentences. Review the instructions for section B; they don't match the sentences provided, but it'd be easy to compensate with clear verbal directions. Finally they complete a 10-item review and assess segment.

Present Perfect and Past Simple

For this present perfect and past simple worksheet, students fill in words to a chart for each tense, fill in the blanks to sentences, write questions, and more. Students complete 4 activities.

Present Perfect - Past Simple: negative forms

In this negative forms learning exercise, students choose the correct present perfect or past simple words to complete the sentences. Students complete 14 sentences total.

Comparison of Adjectives

In this comparative and superlative adjective online activity, students watch two YouTube videos about the different types of adjectives. They fill in the blanks in 20 sentences with the correct comparative adjectives. They complete a chart and choose from multiple choice options to demonstrate the proper use of superlative adjectives. They complete a number of online and journal writing activities.

English Exercises:  Comparatives and Superlatives

In this online interactive English worksheet, students respond to 33 fill in the blank questions about comparatives and superlatives. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple

In this present perfect simple or past simple worksheet, students decide which tense time clauses are in and then fill in the blanks to sentences with each tense. Students complete 2 activities.

Adjective Lessons

Learning about comparative, superlative, and proper adjectives can involve hands-on activties.

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