Comparing Numbers

4th - 7th

In this comparing numbers activity, students compare fifty-one sets of numbers and write the correct sign, >, <, or = in the box provided for each one.

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6.NS.6.a ~ Number lines

Begin with a talk about opposites, show an entertaining and educational homemade video called The Number Line Dance, and then have your class play a game in which they place positive and negative integers on a human number line. They will visualize that positive and negative numbers are opposites! A homework assignment is suggested. You may want to consider creating a short worksheet with the suggested exercise.

Intro to Adding/Subtracting Rational Numbers

Masterminds get creative by translating a story into a math problem. The story is about Joe and his summer job. Learners will practice applying operations to rational numbers in order to figure out his daily profit over two weeks. 

Plotting Numbers and Test

Sixth graders create a human number line. They determine the correct placement of various numbers ranging from -4 to 4. Additionally, they will determine the placement of numbers written as fractions and/or decimals.

Fractions on the Number Line

Fractions are a common fear in school, but visualizing them on a number line can help your learners understand their relationship to one another. The activity provides two solutions; use either a number line or a common denominator. Solutions are explained in detail, which can be beneficial as supplemental notes or extra practice. 

Study Guide: Rational Numbers

In this rational numbers learning exercise, students solve and complete 8 different problems that include applying the comparison property and density property for rational numbers. First, they replace each blank with the correct symbol to make each true. Then, student write the numbers in each set in order from least to greatest.

Compare Numbers: Practice

In this number comparing instructional activity, learners compare the given numbers by writing in the greater, less, or equal to sign. Students then compare the expressions and equations using an equal or not equal to sign in the second set. Learners finish with two test prep questions using number comparisons.

Multiplying and Dividing Negative Numbers

Ease your class into pre-algebra with this video, which demonstrates multiplication and division problems involving negative numbers. Sal reiterates the rules of positive and negative numbers in different types of equations, then goes back to clarify with examples when he senses he might have confused his viewers.

Number Sense

Students discuss the various ways we use math in our daily activities. Students study, drill, and practice with addition, fractions, decimals, multiplication and division using rational numbers.

Using Sign Language to Write Four-Digit Numbers in Words

Students learn the numbers 1-100 in sign language. In this math and sign language lesson, students practice signing four digit numbers and writing them in words. They watch a video and a teacher demonstration lesson before working in groups for independent practice.

Ordering Rational Numbers and Finding Their Approximate

Middle schoolers explore the concept of ordering rational numbers on a number line. They represent rational numbers as decimals and percents. Pupils create a foldable about converting fractions to decimals to percents, and use a calculator and number line to order rational numbers.

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