Digraphs: Ch, Sh, Th and Wh

K - 3rd

In this digraphs worksheet, students look at 20 pictures and then circle the letter or letters underneath each picture that spells the word in the picture. Students write each word in the space provided below each set of letters.

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CVC Words

Students create CVC words with picture identification. In this phonics instructional activity, students look at pictures and come up the correct CVC word that matches. Students will work with their teacher and their peers.

Reading Success Mini Books: Word Families

Engage children in learning about rhyming words with this printable book on the -ing word family. Including six words with supporting pictures, young learners practice reading and writing the words before adding their own word and illustration to the book.

Review words and letters

In this reviewing words and letters worksheet, students review the letters m, s, r, and t, circle the words beginning with t, name the pictures, and ask questions. Students complete 4 exercises total.

Protest Letter

What a fantastic resource to guide youngsters in persuasive letter writing. They read a brief letter to the editor and answer question about the author's purpose, word choice, and structure. Next, scholars draft their own letter by gathering facts and opinions about the environmental issue from the example letter. They choose to either support the writer's opinion or argue a different stance. All the graphic organizers you will need are here!

Whirl Your Word Wheelie Lesson Plan

Have your class create a word recognition wheelie. They choose a letter, and brainstorm several words that begin with that letter. They make a wheelie by writing the words and drawing pictures on a circular piece of cardboard which is covered by a cardboard with a window cut in it. They then cover the pictures and read the words.

Using Initial Sounds and Picture Clues to Read Unknown Words

Kindergarteners read the bold words that are unknown by using the strategies of initial sound and picture clues. They meet individually with their teacher in order to assess this concept. Excellent resource!

Find the Words

Before kids become readers, they can build foundational pre-reading skills using visual worksheets like this one. Learners examine six words with corresponding pictures, circling the words and guessing what they say. They use the images as context clues. Challenge more advanced scholars to sound out each word into segmented phonemes.

Kindergarten and Preschool Alphabet Lesson Plan for Letter F, f

Learners explore the letter F. In this alphabet lesson, students trace and write the letter F on lined paper. Learners do a letter search and circle the letter F. Students talk about animals that begin with the letter F.

Missing Letters: -oat, -ell, and -all

Beginning readers must solve for the missing letter in these spelling questions. There are three pairs of rhyming words here, each without an initial letter. They complete the word, and for the second box, draw a picture. The alphabet is listed below for reference.

Missing Letters

Take advantage of multiple objectives in this phonics learning exercise. Each of these single-syllable words is missing a first letter. Spellers complete the word along with its rhyming partner, drawing a picture of the second word. There are image clues here, and the alphabet is listed at the bottom. The missing first letters help scholars grasp onset and rime.

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