Geological Time Scale

9th - 12th

In this geological time worksheet, student use a geologic time scale to understand the difference between eons, eras, and periods. Then students complete 2 short answer questions.

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Worksheet: The Geological Time Scale

After reading a passage about geological time and fossil evidence, Earth historians write answers to six questions about what they learned. They are also directed to design a board game that would teach players about the geological time scale. The worksheet is colorful and attractive, informative and creative. Pair your pupils up to create a game together! Teachers notes are included for your convenience.

Worksheet: How Do We Know How Old Earth Is?

A short reading passage about types of evidence used to estimate Earth's age is provided before giving junior geologists a research assignment. They define petrology, stratigraphy, and paleoontology. They describe the job of a geologist and diagram the geologic time scale. An added bonus for you is an answer key and teachers notes to help make this more than just a worksheet!

The History of Life

In this life history instructional activity, students review the fossil record, geological time scale, and the origin of eukaryotic cells and multi-cellular organisms. Students also review patterns of evolution. This instructional activity has 12 matching, 21 short answer, 39 fill in the blank, and 9 multiple choice questions.

The History of Life

In this history of life worksheet, students explain how fossils form and how they can be interpreted. Students fill in the missing eras and periods in the geologic time scale provided.

Geologic Time Scale

In this geologic time scale worksheet, students are given a list of terms and eras which they use to complete a time scale. They classify organic and inorganic changes that took place in the Precambrian era, the Cenozoic era, the Paleozoic era and the Mesozoic era.

Geologic Time Scale Analogy

Students examine geologic time to scale. In this geologic time lesson, students create a time-scale metaphor that shows some of the Earth's important events. Students present their metaphor to the class.

Geologic Time Scale

Students recreate and comprehend the geologic time scale. They discuss how long humans have been around on Earth. Students are shown the geologic time scale and its different parts. They work in groups to recreate the time scale.

Science NetLinks: Fossils and Geologic Time

Students investigate the development of the geologic time scale. Also, to introduce them to the major time periods in earth's history, as well as to the role fossils play in helping us understand this history.

Modeling Geologic Time

Students design, construct and interpret a model of geologic time and investigate change through geologic time.

Making The Geologic Time Scale Real

Students construct a geologic timeline the size of a football field. They work in small groups to calculate the yardage for significant events in the Earth's history and then as a class pace out all of the events.

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