Helping Verbs

3rd - 4th

In this helping verbs review worksheet, students review the list of 23 helping verbs and then identify the helping verbs in 10 sentences.

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Verbs: Future, Present, and Past Tense

Third graders take a look at how to use verbs in the present tense. They do this by acting out action verbs, (such as, running, jumping, etc.), writing down the verbs they acted out, using those words in written sentences, then playing a present-tense bingo game. The lesson plan is chock-full of terrific printable worksheets, useful websites, Bingo sheets, and game cards for the kids to use. It is extremely well-written, and has many educationally sound activites embedded in it.

Appropriate Use of Helping Verbs

Readers of all ages correctly use appropriate verbs in their speech and writing. The focus of this lesson is on the proper use of helping verbs.

Helping Verbs

For this recognizing helping verbs worksheet, students identify the helping verbs in sentences and choose the correct helping verb to complete sentences. Students write twelve answers.

Verb SOS!--Using Helping Verbs

In this helping verbs learning exercise, students fill in 7 blanks covering the rules of how to use helping verbs correctly in sentences. Students underline the main verb in 8 sentences and write the helping verb on the lines provided. Students list the 8 forms of the helping verb to be on the lines provided and name 3 different ways a to be verb might be used in a sentence.

Main Verb or Helping Verb? - Using Have and Has

In this grammar instructional activity, students learn the difference between main verbs and helping verbs in sentence writing. The read how to use "have" and "has" correctly. Students then use what they learned to answer the 11 questions on the instructional activity. The answers are on the last page.

Helping Verbs

In this helping verbs activity, students underline the complete verb and circle the helping verb in each sentence. Students complete 10 problems.

Helping Verbs: Grammar for ESL/ELL

English language learners act out verbs, discuss their importance in constructing grammatically correct sentences, and then learn about helping verbs. They use helping verbs in a sentence then discuss how they are different from action verbs. They use what they learned from discussion to create a Voki presentation.

Appropriate Use of Helping Verbs

Intended for learners struggling with or having issues using auxiliary verbs, this activity has them orally compose sentences using one of the provided helping verbs. They will attempt to find patterns in groups of verbs and make class rules to help them remember which verb to use when. This would also be a good activity to promote proper verb usage in ELLs.

To Be or Not To Be - Main/Helping Verbs

Fourth graders focus on the use of main and helping verbs in written communication.

Helping Verbs

In this helping verbs worksheet, students answer short answer questions and identify helping verbs in sentences. Students complete 32 problems.

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