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2nd - 4th

How much do your youngsters know about the simple present, past, and future tenses? Find out with this series of practice activities. To begin, learners become acquainted with the verb tenses by reading definitions and examples and identifying the tense in five sentences. Next, they can complete any of the five included worksheets. An answer key is provided.

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Perfect-English-Grammar.com: Irregular Verbs Past Simple (Part 2)

Practice, practice, practice! Your young grammarians write the past tense form of irregular verbs (The present tense form is given in parentheses.) in the blank space in 25 sentences. Space between the sentences is very small, so I'd enlarge it on a copier to make writing easier for young hands. 

Test Your Grammar Skills: How To Get From Bed To Work in 27 Easy Steps! – Past Simple Verbs

In this grammar worksheet, learners will change the underlined verbs in each sentence from present simple to past simple tense.

Expressing Past Time - Part 2

Here you will find a fabulous presentation on the use of irregular verbs, and past and present tense in writing. Included in the 94-slide presentation are dozens of examples for pupils to consider. A strong interactive component is present in the PowerPoint. This is an excellent tool to use when introducing these areas of grammar.

Move It! With Simple Machines

Students explore engineering by participating in a mechanical class activity. For this simple machines lesson, students identify many simple machines that allow them to perform tasks easily each day. Students collaborate in small groups and create their own inventions by utilizing wood, screws, tools, and other carpentry style materials.

English Exercises: Simple Present and Simple Past Verb Tense

In this verb tense interactive worksheet, learners use the correct form of the verb in parenthesis at the end of each sentence. They use either the simple present or simple past form of each verb in 20 sentences. They submit their answer using the "Done" button.

ESL: Simple Past Irregular Verbs

In this simple past-irregular verbs activity, students find the past tense of given words in a words search puzzle, then write verbs to match pictures and fill in blanks, telling what they did yesterday.

ESL: Irregular Verbs-Past Simple

In this ESL irregular/past simple verb learning exercise, students complete sentence by filling in blanks with the correct verb and unscramble verbs.

Irregular Past Simple

In this irregular verbs in the past simple tense worksheet, students unscramble verbs, write verbs in past simple, write verbs after listening, and more. Students complete 5 activities.

English Exercises: Present Simple For Daily Routines

In this verb tense worksheet, students work with present simple verb tenses when used with sentences that describe daily activities. They complete 10 multiple choice questions that tell what "Tom" does each day. They fill in 11 blanks in a paragraph about his daily routine.

Descriptive Verbs

Young scholars read a piece of literature and locate the descriptive verbs in the piece. For this descriptive verbs lesson, students understand the value of using descriptive verbs. Young scholars rewrite a story they've written with more descriptive verbs.

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