National High Five Day

5th - 10th

In this National High Five Day worksheet, students complete activities such as reading a passage, matching phrases, fill in the blanks, choose the correct word, multiple choice, unscramble the words, sequencing, unscramble the sentences, write questions, take a survey, and writing. Students complete 12 activities for Red National High Five Day.

Resource Details

Scrambled Words

In this scrambled words worksheet, students unscramble words and label parts of the body, write a letter, read passages, and more. Students complete 7 activities total.


In this Beyonce worksheet, students read a song that Beyonce wrote and then complete activities relating to it such as unscrambling words, short answer questions, a crossword, a word search, and more. Students complete 10 activities.

Water Words

Students define words relating to water and its use in Nebraska. They listen to the story, Snail Girl Brings Water, list the water words from the story, and create a class dictionary.

Word Walls for Intermediate Grades

Have you ever wondered how to create a successful word wall? The first two pages of this document highlight the positive benefits for having a word wall. There's also a section that presents the word wall routine which presents how and when to post words. Then there are four activity options provided. This is a great introduction to word walls if you've never used them before! 

Five Paragraph Essays

Students can learn important writing skills, such as how to complete a five paragraph essay, with these lessons.

President George Washington Word Jumble

In this word scramble activity, learners use the words in the word bank to unscramble the letters and form vocabulary words associated with President George Washington. Students write 20 answers.

Word Up!

Study the importance of word choice in informational text. Middle and high schoolers locate unfamiliar words and phrases in newspaper articles of their choosing, and use online word sites to explore the definitions and histories of each. They finish the activity by creating illustrated vocabulary posters incorporating this information in a fun way.

Word Wake

Put your common writing errors to rest with this resource, which prompts high schoolers to create eulogies and tombstones for overused and incorrect words. They work on correcting common errors in spelling and usage mistakes in their own compositions. They also design memorable reminders showing corrections for the mistakes.

The Meaning of America: National Identity and Why It Matters

Combining a close reading of a classic American text with the study of history can be a very powerful strategy, and this is most certainly the case with this resource using Edward Everett Hale's The Man without a Country. Consider themes as citizenship and national identity using the engaging discussion questions and prompts in this resource, and use the included videos to present an example of high-level discourse.

Word Games

Want to build your class' vocabulary through a fun learning game? In this activity learners explore new words and their meanings and usages using Word Attack 3 computer software. They unscramble words, develop vocabulary words, navigate word mazes, and cumulate records of their work to evaluate their individual progress.

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