Phases of Meiosis

9th - Higher Ed

In this meiosis instructional activity, students determine the proper order of the phases of meiosis by matching the illustration to the description. This instructional activity has 8 matching questions.

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The Moon’s Rotation: It’s Just a Phase!

Students examine how the moon rotates around the Earth and changes with time.  In this moon phase lesson students set up a model and create a sunrise and moonrise. 

Modeling Mitosis and Meiosis

Young scholars construct and manipulate models of mitosis and meiosis and compare/contrast them. They create the models using index cards and yarn, interpret diagrams and photographs, and summarize written descriptions.

Mitosis, Meiosis and Fertilization

Students compare and contrast the two types of cell divisions namely meiosis and mitosis. In this biology instructional activity, students create chromosome models. They identify the different stages of cell division.

Learning Sequence Item: Mitosis and Meiosis

Investigate the ins and outs of cell division with this comprehensive set of activities. Detailed instructions for six different activities and your choice of eight different creative assessments can be found within this resource. By completing these lessons, your young biologists will have a well-rounded understanding of mitosis and meiosis. 

Phases of Meiosis

The general ideas behind Mitosis and Meiosis have been covered in previous videos. However, this lecture covers the minutiae of every stage in the meiotic process. The names of each phase and a description of the structure functions are detailed.


In this meiosis worksheet, student complete the blanks describing the process of meiosis. Students draw a diagram of homologous chromosomes.

Cell 9 Edited: Meiosis

Student list the steps of mitosis with a brief definition of each stage. Then they begin their study of meiosis. They practice placing the stages of meiosis in order using flashcards depicting the Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase.

Turkeys in the Cell--The Meiosis Square Dance

Students identify synapsis as the key event in meiosis. They explain how synapsis leads to the formation of haploid gametes. Exploration of the differences between the processes of mitosis and meiosis occur. In accordance, explanations on how meiosis generates new combinations for natural selection.

How Does Meiosis Lead To a Fetus?

Students discuss the stages of meiosis. In this life science lesson, students create an illustration of each stages. They write a short story about a character that went through meiosis.

Turkeys in the Cell -- The Meiosis Square Dance

Students identify the differences between the processes of mitosis and meiosis and explain how meiosis generates new combinations for natural selection. They illustrate the processes by square dancing.

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