Position and Velocity vs. Time Graphs

8th - 12th

In this position and velocity worksheet, students sketch graphs of position vs. velocity and position vs. time for 6 problems given different scenarios. They label their graphs with given positions, velocities and times.

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Answer Key

What information does a position vs. time graph give you?

Students study the differences between a time graph and position.  In this graphing activity students graph their data and complete a group activity. 

Creating Acceleration versus Time Graphs

In this acceleration worksheet, students use graphs of velocity versus time and acceleration versus time to describe the motion of objects.

Position vs. Time and Velocity vs. Time Graphs

In this constant velocity worksheet, students use data of position vs. time of a roller-skater to determine speed, acceleration, or deceleration at different points along the path. Students rank graphs according to average velocity and average speed. This worksheet has 8 problems to solve.

Objects in Motion

In this velocity worksheet, students describe situations that would fit the position vs. time graphs shown. Students use a graph to determine how far an object move and what direction it started. This worksheet has 6 problems to solve.

Graphing Speed

For this graphing worksheet, students read about independent and dependant variables and learn how to determine speed from the slope of a position vs. time graph. This worksheet has 4 matching, 17 fill in the blank, and 2 problems to solve.

Creating Velocity Versus Time Graphs

In this velocity and time worksheet, students use given graphs to answer questions about motion of objects, their speed, and what the slopes of the plotted lines represent.

Linear Motion 4

In this linear motion worksheet, students answer 12 questions including finding acceleration of moving objects, calculating distance objects travel and determining the time of travel. Students interpret graphs of position vs. time, acceleration vs. time and velocity vs. time.

Introduction to Kinematics

Students discover the relationship between distance-time and velocity-time graphs. In this physics lesson, students predict what the motion graph looks like and reason out why. They check their prediction with the use of a motion sensor and analyze results.

Straight Line Motion with a Stomper

Students explore average speed, and graph distances and time.  In this speed and velocity lesson students complete a lab then calculate distances, acceleration and velocity and graph the data.


Students utilizing motion detectors determine a variety of methods of measuring and graphing positions and velocity. They participate in a scavenger hunt dealing with motion detectors, time graphs, positions and velocity. Each student graphs their data as well within this lesson.

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