Reading Comprehension - Informational Passages " Leonardo da Vinci'

5th - 7th

Practice reading comprehension and teach your English acquisition class about Leonardo da Vinci. This worksheet provides a short informational text entitled, "Leonardo da Vinci." Learners answer five multiple choice comprehension questions and five multiple choice vocabulary questions. The questions are basic and straightforward.

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Dinosaur Dig

Explore prehistoric life by reading about dinosaurs! Read Dinosaur Dig as a whole group, and focus on difficult or new vocabulary words. Discuss your reading with the list of comprehension questions provided. There is also a writing connection provided, although it may be too broad for some learners. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

For this famous people worksheet, students read a selection about Leonardo DiCaprio and complete a variety of comprehension questions including but not limited to a synonym matching, spelling and vocabulary, writing and sequencing activities.

New York State Testing Program: English Language Arts Book 2

Practice listening and writing skills with this resource. This is a test created by the New York State Testing Program. Learners listen to a passage called "Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa" twice and write responses to the selection. They fill out a chart, respond to 2 short answer questions, and compose an essay. These activities require pupils to listen carefully, cite specific details as support, and construct logical and organized responses. The passage is included in additional ma

Space Exploration- Voyagers 1 and 2

Everyone loves to learn about outer space. This space exploration passage has 10 questions relating to Voyager 1 and 2. There are both comprehension and vocabulary questions. The activity could be used with upper elementary or ESL students.

Multiple Choice Masterpiece

What a fun way to mix up your traditional multiple-choice quiz on the Renaissance! After completing a worksheet reviewing significant Renaissance artists and events, your learners will have the opportunity see if tiles that correspond to their answers fit together correctly to form an image of a Renaissance masterpiece, the Mona Lisa!

Language Focus and Vocabulary Unit 3

Give your learners the tools and vocabulary to talk about the Internet and related technology. There are six exercises on this sheet that focus on the present perfect and technology-related vocabulary. English language learners fill in blanks, put together sentences, and conjugate verbs. Try these out as daily warm-up exercises or homework assignments.

Breaking the Codex

Students work with an online multimedia show to study the life of Leonardo da Vinci in Renaissance Italy. They explore different writing systems and create an advertisement for one of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions.

Leonardo the Genius

In this artists history worksheet, students read an excerpt about Leonardo Da Vinci. They suggest what natural abilities, attitudes, and personal characteristics he would have needed to do all the famous works that he painted. Students also name someone from the present who resembles Leonardo's genius.

Renaissance Man Comparison Poster

Students watch a PBS video entitled Suleiman to help them identify characteristics associated with Renaissance notables. After watching the video, individually or in small groups, the students will research a notable Renaissance figure (i.e. Leonardo da Vinci) and construct a poster to compare and contrast Suleiman to the chosen Renaissance figure.

Leonardo da Vinci

Are you studying Leonardo da Vinci in your class? This resource is made up of 3 study questions and 7 essay topics about Leonardo da Vinci that you could use to test your learners' biographical knowledge. Class members may check some of their answers on the interactive portion of the web page. These questions refer to biographical information included on the Sparknotes website.

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