Subtraction Using Number Bonds

2nd - 3rd

In this subtraction activity, students write the number bond and subtraction sentences for 2 problems and color boxes whose problems have sums of 4.

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Subtract Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators

In this subtracting mixed numbers with like denominators practice worksheet, students sharpen their problem solving skills as they solve 6 story problems.

Subtracting Mentally Numbers without regrouping

Third graders practice mental subtraction. In this subtraction instructional activity, 3rd graders subtract 2 numbers without regrouping up to the hundreds place in their head. They complete word problems with this same concept.

Problem-Solving Strategy: Guess and Check Homework 4.5

In this problem solving learning exercise, students collaborate with a classmate to play a game in which clues are given and the secret number is guessed.

Lesson Design Protocol: Add and Subtract

Addition and subtraction are studied in this math instructional activity. Upper graders add and subtract whole numbers up to 1,000 with and without regrouping.

Add and Subtract Greater Numbers

In this addition and subtraction worksheet, students study the table that shows the distance some birds fly when migrating. Students use the table to answer the addition and subtraction equations for problems 1-5.

Subtracting Big Numbers

Do your third graders get nervous when working with larger numbers? Help them get some practice subtracting big numbers in different contexts. After working through twenty-two straightforward problems, four of which include units of measurement, pupils answer three word problems involving subtraction.

Subtracting Big Numbers, part 2

Get some subtraction practice with a multi-faceted math instructional activity. After reviewing two sample subtraction problems at the top of the page, third graders solve for the differences of vertical problems, horizontal problems, and word problems. Additionally, they find the missing number in four completed subtraction problems.

Subtracting Decimal Numbers

In this online problem solving worksheet, students solve 15 math problems involving the process of subtracting decimal numbers between 1 and 10. Students submit their answers to be graded when done.

How Do You Subtract Whole Numbers?

Line up your numbers! The instructor shows you how to line your numbers up by place value. Then step-by-step she subtracts each place value. She demonstrates how to borrow when the top value is less than the bottom value you are subtracting.

Subtracting Decimal Numbers Online #3

Elementary schoolers solve 15 subtraction math problems involving decimal numbers. They submit their answers online to be graded when completed with the worksheet.

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