The Pigeon Hole Principle Problem

4th - 7th

In this pigeon hole principle worksheet, students solve word problems based on the pigeon hole principle. Students complete 5 word problems total.

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Solving Two-Step Word Problems Involving Addition and Subtraction of Whole Number Including Money

Students determine how to write equations to solve two-step word problems using addition or subtraction. In this word problem lesson, students review number facts and problem solving steps. They apply the problem solving steps as they complete an assignment.

Solving Word Problems Involving Subtraction

Students solve subtraction word problems. In this 1 to 100,000 subtraction with and without regrouping lesson, students use Polya's problem solving strategies to solve word problems as a whole class and in small groups. Students articulate ways in which they understood, planned, solved and looked back on the content of the word problems in order to solve them correctly.

Strategies for Solving Math Word Problems

In this strategies for solving math word problems instructional activity, students read two pages of examples and explanations, then solve 42 addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems, answer sheet included.

Age Word Problems 1

A few word problems involving age are presented. Starting with a simple problem and progressing to more complicated word problems, Sal uses a chart to organize the information given in the more complicated problem in order to solve for the variable.

Solving Multiple-Step Problems

Pupils solve 2-step word problems. In this word problems lesson, students are shown examples of word problems and solutions on the board by the teacher. Then they complete a six problem worksheet independently.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Using a calculator to add and subtract fractions, this lesson explores the identification of keywords in problems. Learners read word problems, identify keywords, and then find the answers. The lesson comes with a list of word problems and an Excel sheet to track results.

Using Key Words to Unlock Math Word Problems

Students identify word problem strategies. In this problem solving lesson, students act as "math coaches" to identify key words that indicate mathematical operations. Students use a white board to complete each word problem

Solve Fraction Word Problems: Using Key Words and Pictures

Word problems are the focus in the seventh of eight lessons on understanding fractions. Young mathematicians are instructed in finding key words to solve the problem using a four-step system: 1) find the unit 2) find the total number of the unit 3) find the part of the total that the questions asks about 4) draw a picture. A step-by-step walk through of an example of solving a word problem using this process.

Math Word Problems

Gaining proficiency with mathematical word problems is a crucial skill for your students to master.

Using Key Words to Unlock Math Word Problems

Learners act as math coaches to solve word problems. In this math word problems lesson, students brainstorm key words in math operations, create flash cards to review relationships between words and operations, coach each other in the problems, and write their own word problems.

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