The Simple Future Tense

5th - 6th

In this simple future tense worksheet, students read the rules for forming this tense. They write the correct form of the simple future tense using "will" in 7 sentences. They do the same using "going" in the next 7 sentences. They write 2 original sentences in the simple future tense.

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Simple Future Tense

In this simple future tense learning exercise, 4th graders read and copy 40 sentences which show the correct usage of the simple future tense.

Get The Picture?

Sixth graders brainstorm ideas about sentences given to them. They revise and edit them to make them complete and interesting. They publish them and create an Imovie based on the sentences.

Verb Tense Review

In this verb tense review worksheet, students fill in the blanks in 32 sentences using the proper verb tense. They use simple present tense, present progressive tense, simple past tense, past progressive tense, present perfect tense, present perfect progressive tense, and the simple future tense forms of the given verbs.

Le Futur 

Introduce your intermediate French speakers to the future tense with this plan. The plan is broken up into teacher tasks and student tasks, making it clear and easy to understand. There are also three worksheets included, but only one focuses on the future tense. It appears some of the information comes from the Holt French 3 book. 

The Sentence Pattern Built on Linking Verbs: Lesson 4

Help your students to complete their sentences with this bright and fun presentation, which guides students through the concept of linking verbs, forms of "be," and subject complements. A great introduction into different sentence forms and direct and indirect objects, this slideshow will be sure to reinforce your students grammar with an engaging lecture followed by a few exercise questions for students to complete.

ESL Verb Tense: Future Continuous/Simple Future

In this ESL simple future/future continuous instructional activity, students fill in blanks in sentences with correct verb forms, 15 total. A link to audio and HTML code is given.

ESL-Future Tense

In this ESL future tense worksheet, students change verbs shown in brackets in sentences to both the "going to future" and present continuous form, and put verbs in simple future tense.

Passive Voice - Simple Future

In this passive voice instructional activity, students change the sentences given to them to be in the passive voice in the simple future tense. Students complete 10 sentences total.

Narratives in the Simple Past

Students compliment other's past actions, describe actions in the past tense and recognize the simple past forms in a folktale.

Future Actions 

How do you conjugate a reflexive verb? This plan suggests reading a children's book to your intermediate Spanish speakers. Follow the reading with a PowerPoint slide show that presents reflexive verbs, a sentence using the verb, and a picture to accompany it. There are questions to discuss to assess understanding before sending your learners off to practice! Unfortunately, the children's book title and the presentation are not included. 

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