Henry Hudson: 400th Anniversary of Discovery

Commemorate the discovery made by Henry Hudson and delve into the Age of Exploration.

By Carrie Jackson

Henry Hudson Lessons

The Age of Exploration, which is also known as the Age of Discovery, was a period in world history that occurred between the 15th and 16th century. This period of curiosity led many European countries to commission numerous explorers to sail around the world to discover new territories that were unknown to the rest of the world. Explorers from all parts of Europe raced to find new sea routes, new goods, and to trade.

Famous explorers like, Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco Da Gama, and Christopher Columbus all made discoveries that impacted the world. Wealthy heads of state provided the money for these explorers to travel the world. This age of discovery led to many European nations wanting to colonize countries located on the continents of Africa, Asia, and North and South America. One navigator who made history with his exploration was Henry Hudson. In 1609 Hudson was commissioned by the Dutch East India Company to find an additional passage that would lead to the Pacific Ocean. He never did find that passage but he was able to navigate what is now called the Hudson River located in the state of New York. Henry Hudson was an explorer who has been credited with being the first European to sail up the river. His exploration of this territory made it possible for the Dutch to claim it.

On September 12, 2009 New York City will commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson's discovery. Henry Hudson was not the only European explorer who discovered a piece of New York, but his discovery of the river route is a part of New York City's history. New York will honor the 400th anniversary with a variety of exhibits, and festivals that not only recognize the discovery, but Dutch culture in New York as well.  

You don't have to be a native of New York to learn about Henry Hudson and other individual explorers who navigated the great waterways. Take a look at some of the Henry Hudson lesson plans based on the Age of Exploration.

Henry Hudson And Age of Exploration Lesson Plans:

Henry Hudson's New York- The New York City Department of Education has created an entire unit to commemorate Henry Hudson's discovery. This unit includes ten lesson plans plus activities and events connected to Hudson.

Stories That Go With A Territory- Students work in groups to create a news report based on the exploration of historic territories. This lesson contains interdisciplinary connections to art, math, and technology.

Explorers 1400-1600: Navigators, Merchants, And Sea Dogs- This humanities unit contains eight lesson plans based on exploration. The lesson plans are limited to European exploration, but include information on naval technology. In addition the lesson contains essential questions.

Early Exploration Of North America: Students learn about early exploration of the United States. They talk about Henry Hudson, and other explorers. 




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