"The Princess and the Frog" Lesson Plans

"The Princess and the Frog" lesson plans can lead students on an exploration of fairy tales, frogs, and friendship.

By Kristen Kindoll


The Princess and the Frog lesson Plans

Just about every child has had a fantasy about being a prince or princess. The advantages can seem pretty attractive. There are many fairy tales, movies, and stories that draw us in by taking us into the world of royalty. One of these is the fairy tale "The Frog Prince". The 2009 movie, loosely based on this story. This animated feature is the latest addition to the long collection of re-imagined fairy tales by Disney. It is a great way to get your own future kings and queens to learn about these stories, monarchies (ancient and modern), frogs, and friendship.

"The Frog Prince" is from the Grimm's fairy tale repertoire. It is the story of a spoiled girl with royal lineage who is forced to honor a pledge she made to a friend who happens to be a frog. Through this experience she learns what it means to be a true friend. By the end of the story, she is able to change not only herself, but transform the frog back into a prince. The Disney movie uses both the Grimm's story, and E. D. Baker's novel "The Frog Princess" as inspiration. The movie's setting is the New Orleans French Quarter.  While in the original Grimm fairy tale the princess frees the prince with a kiss, in the movie version she is transformed into a frog herself. She then has to figure out how to become a princess again. A trumpet playing alligator and a romantic firefly are the humorous companions on her adventure. The voodoo priest is a foil and catalyst for the story.

An exploration of New Orleans is a great way to begin to understand the rich culture of the city. Louisiana: a Jambalaya of Nationalities discusses the different ethnic groups in New Orleans. No visit to the jazz state can be complete, however, without taking a bite out the rich dishes which have migrated into American cooking. New Orleans Food Glossary defines the terms for specific ingredients found in traditional recipes.

All princesses and princes are derived from the governmental model of monarchy. The historical evolution of monarchies is outlined by Kidipede. The official website of the British Monarchy is all things royal. It is the go-to site to learn the latest from the House of Windsor. Kings of the World takes children on a travel around the world to visit present day kings and queens. Children can take a glimpse of the lavish residences.

Frogs are the other star of these tales. The little creatures are pivotal in the food chain. Many scientists are worried about frogs and the impact of their demise. Frogs takes a look at the animals and what an amphibian it is. Frogs by the Minnesota Pollution Control has fun, weird facts, and lots of great information for research.

"The Princess and the Frog" Lesson Plans:

Frog Prince Continued Activity has children listen to the Grimm fairy tale. Their artistic fingers will get to create their own version of the princess and the frog.

Princesses Don't Have to Be Passive teaches the concepts of discrimination and stereotyping. Self-esteem and relationships are also studied.

Frog Alert has children study a frog's development and effects of different chemicals on frogs. Changes to appearance of the amphibians are analyzed and reported.


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