Resume Writing Lesson Plans

Resume writing lesson plans can help students know the information they need so they are able to get the job they want.

By Debra Karr

resume lesson plans

We are inundated daily, weekly, and hourly with messages about the economy and jobs. These tend to be adult issues. But sometimes academics and standards meet practical, real life, as they do in the writing application standard (genres and their characteristics) - Write job applications and resumes.

As students learn about all of the thought and organization that goes into filling out job applications and writing resumes, they simultaneously meet state standards for their grade level. These lessons are good for a student’s self-reflection. In these lessons, pupils are required to think about their talents, the skills they possess, and what they could see themselves doing for a living as they move closer to graduation day. By seeing examples of other resumes, they have the potential to become inspired.

Although resume lessons traditionally coincide with the language arts standard mentioned above, incorporating math can enhance the lessons. Asking your learners to research how much certain careers pay, and what kind of lifestyle a particular career would support, can give youngsters some further insight into their potential career choice. Below you will find some lessons that can be used to teach resume writing.

Meeting Standards and Being Practical - Resume Writing Lesson Plans:

If You Were J. K. Rowling
This creative resource gives pupils the opportunity to conduct research on author J.K. Rowling and then use the information they find to create her resume. Students use resume-specific websites to find templates and examples that will aid them in creating their own original career portfolio. This lesson is perfect for meeting high school writing standards.

Careers for Teens
Students learn about corporate culture as they read an article that reflects this topic. In addition to reading, they will also research local jobs for teens in their area and investigate the various employer categories that may or may not coincide with their own personal interests. I think this lesson is good for adhering to the standards while simultaneously giving pupils practical skills to use once they graduate.

The Mock Interview
Here, your learners are asked to write about their strengths and weaknesses as they practice filling out job applications and writing resumes. They also conduct mock job interviews and get practice in selling their knowledge, skills, and experience to potential employers. The lesson academically meets the requirements of high school standards and also gives kids some ideas as to how to become marketable.

Discussion Question:

Do you teach your students how to write a resume? If so, what strategies do you use to help them learn this important skill?

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