Geometry Unit 6: Similar Figures

Collector: Ann V.

Similar figures are the topic of Geometry Unit 6. Each of the four resources in the unit module contains a video, teacher reference, practice packets, solutions, and corrective assignments. In the first lesson, pupils learn the definition of similar figures and their corresponding angles and sides. Using the definition, individuals calculate the lengths of missing sides and practice using the definition to find missing lengths, determine the scale factor between similar figures, and create and solve equations based on lengths of corresponding sides. Scholars then learn three different methods to show two similar triangles: Angle-Angle, Side-Side-Side, and Side-Angle-Side. They practice applying these methods to determine whether two given triangles are similar and then apply the methods to determine missing sides in triangles. Appling perspective to similarity, young mathematicians learn about the Side Splitter Theorem by looking at perspective drawings and using the theorem and its corollary to find missing lengths in figures. They also practice using the theorem and corollary on their own, applying them to coordinate geometry. After a short review of the material from the Similar Figures Unit, pupils work through 18 problems to further practice the skills from the unit. Scholars apply those skills in the application problems at the end of the review.

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