Lesson Planet: Printable & Template Review Rubric

5-Exemplary 3-Partially Proficient 1-Not Proficient N/A
Intent & Purpose
  • Purpose is clearly defined or implied
  • Organized structure and layout supports overarching purpose
  • All aspects needed to fulfill main purpose are included
  • Purpose or intent is vague or unclear
  • Layout and structure aren’t ideal in achieving the overarching purpose; however, resource could be adjusted or revised
  • May not include necessary elements such as instructions or labels, but still usable with some creativity
  • Purpose or intent cannot be understood
  • Layout and structure detract from original purpose
  • Many necessary elements missing; resource cannot be fully utilized
Images & Printing Quality
  • Graphics and layout support the purpose of the printable
  • Images are relevant to the content/purpose
  • Downloads and prints easily (if PDF or Word Doc) or includes a “print” option from a webpage
  • Prints cleanly and clearly (nothing is cut off or appears out of alignment after printing)
  • Images may be slightly fuzzy or generic
  • Images slightly off-topic or unnecessary to the resource
  • Resource can still be printed out from a webpage, but doesn’t allow for a clean print view
  • Images are indecipherable or very low quality
  • Resource is cluttered with irrelevant or crowded images that detract from the content/purpose
  • Resource cannot be easily downloaded or printed at all
  • Resource prints fuzzy or with low resolution
Language Conventions: Grammar & Punctuation
  • Virtually free of grammatical errors, as well as errors in punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization
  • Mostly free of grammatical errors as well as errors in punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization
  • Contains several grammatical errors and/or errors in punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization
  • Resource has no text included
  • Allows for full customization if necessary (editing, adjusting, etc.)
  • Free from specific classroom language or details
  • Allows for limited customization
  • May include a teacher’s name or specific classroom language (i.e. "The Mighty Mice Reading Group")
  • Does not allow for customization (editing, etc.)
  • Includes several terms clearly specific to one classroom
  • Resource does not need customization to be used to full potential
Classroom Application
  • Can easily be used or minimally adjusted for use in different classroom or administrative settings
  • Is limited to use in only a few classroom or administrative settings
  • Cannot be easily used or adjusted for use in different classroom or administrative settings