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51 resources with the concept hydroelectric power

Lesson Planet

Human-Environment Interaction: The Three Gorges Dam

For Students 7th - 8th
In this Three Gorges Dam worksheet, students complete sentences by filling in missing words or phrases without using a word bank. The focus in on the affects of the dam.
Lesson Planet

Wind Power and Your Community

For Teachers 8th - 12th
Students acquire knowledge about hydropower, diesel power, wind power, and how they are currently used in the north. They share what they have learned through a jigsaw activity.
Lesson Planet

Waterwheel Work

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students investigate the history of the waterwheel and common uses for water turbines today. They construct an experimental waterwheel using a two-liter plastic bottle, measure the rate of revolution of a waterwheel, and complete a...