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60 resources with the concept question marks

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Language and Creativity Video
Language and Creativity
The Circulatory System Part 1: The Heart Video
The Circulatory System Part 1: The Heart
Thomas Jefferson - Author of The Declaration of Indepence & 3rd U.S. President | Mini Bio | BIO Video
Thomas Jefferson - Author of The...
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Lesson Planet

Question Tags Are Fun, Aren't They?

For Teachers 4th - 6th Standards
Good writing takes practice, doesn't it? Here, a lesson emphasizes the importance of using question tags to improve a written piece. A discussion opens a dialogue about the purpose of a question tag. The class reads several statements...
Lesson Planet

Leprechaun Message

For Teachers Pre-K - K Standards
Spark wonder and add whimsy to your St. Patrick's Day celebration with a lesson that creates a festive atmosphere and challenges scholars to examine a message sent from a visiting leprechaun. 
Lesson Planet

Going Swimming

For Students 1st - 2nd Standards
Six swimming related sentences challenge scholars to identify them as declarative or interrogative, and then write the appropriate end punctuation.
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Nature Walk: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 2)

For Teachers 2nd Standards
Walking in nature is the theme of a unit designed to support English language development lessons. Scholars look, write, speak, and move to explore topics such as camping, woodland animals, instruments, bodies of water, things found at a...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Home Sweet Home: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 5)

For Teachers 1st Standards
Through grand discussion, picture cards, and poems, enhance language proficiency with a Home Sweet Home themed unit created to support English language development. Each lesson follows a listen, speak, move, and/or look routine that...
Lesson Planet

The Sentence Song ♫♪♫ | Scratch Garden

For Students K - 2nd Standards
A laid back beat and silly animation makes a music video about sentence structure a hit among young learners. Find out what a capital letter is and when we use them, as well as end punctuation; the period, exclamation point, and question...
Lesson Planet

Four Sentence Types: End Marks Lesson

For Students 1st - 4th Standards
Give sentence type instruction a boost with this informative powerpoint presentation! Learn about the four types of sentences; imperative, exclamatory, interrogative, and declarative, then check for understanding with a 10-question pop...
Lesson Planet

Perfect Punctuation

For Students 5th - 8th
Using the provided "[Punctuation] Rules to Remember" young grammarians punctuate clauses, phrases, participles, and quotations in a series of worksheets.
Lesson Planet

Punctuation Song Posters

For Teachers K - 3rd Standards
What's one way to make punctuation exciting? Sing a song about it! Use these posters to support kids as they sing the punctuation songs to the tune of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas."
Lesson Planet

Punctuation Marks and Uses Cards

For Teachers 4th - 8th Standards
Make sure your class is up to snuff when it comes to punctuation. They can use these cards to practice identifying the purpose of each punctuation mark.
Lesson Planet

The Question Mark

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Georgie shows viewers how to use the question mark in this informative video. He also provides different examples of questions.
Lesson Planet

Basic Punctuation

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Tiffany and Bryanna, students at Annunciation Catholic School, discuss the proper uses of basic punctuation in this entertaining video. They go over exclamation points, question marks, and periods.
Lesson Planet

Question words, question marks

For Students K - 1st Standards
Practice the five W's and question marks with a fun grammar activity. After copying the words who, what, where, when, why, and how, kindergartners fill the words into various questions. For extra practice, have kids come up with their...
Lesson Planet

Question Marks

For Students K - 1st Standards
Context clues are important when understanding the intent of a sentence. Kindergartners read eight sentences, and decide if each should end in a period or in a question mark. The last two questions prompt kids to draw a mouse and a cat,...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet


For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
Do your second graders like riddles? Give them a giggle and a lesson about proofreading at the same time. After reading two riddles, young writers fix punctuation and capitalization errors. They write the answer to each riddle at the...
Lesson Planet

Proofreading: Lesson 2

For Teachers 3rd - 6th Standards
Identify and develop strategies for proofreading with your class. They read and identify the grammar rules for capitalization, end punctuation, and commas, correct errors as a class, and complete three worksheets. This resource includes...
Lesson Planet

We love to Express Ourselves: Growing Toward Independence and Fluency

For Teachers Pre-K - 4th
Reading with expression is an important component in developing fluency. Emerging readers learn different strategies for accomplishing this skill through the teacher's model reading of Earrings!. Partner practice is combined with...
Lesson Planet

Punctuation: Quotation Marks, Question Marks, and Exclamation Marks

For Students K - 1st
There are four children pictured, each is saying a different phrase. It's up to you and your first graders to complete each phrase by adding proper punctuation. Read the dialogue-driven passage, then read what each child is saying,...
Lesson Planet

The ea and ear sounds

For Students K - 1st Standards
Focus on the /ea/ and /ear/ sounds. Learners complete three sentences by adding the appropriate ea word from a word bank, re-writing each sentence. Then, they read an excerpt from Little Red Riding Hood and find all the words with...
Lesson Planet


For Students K - 1st Standards
Explore end punctuation with this multi-step worksheet on question marks. Scholars begin by finishing 10 sentences with either a period or a question mark. Consider discussing patterns they see at this point (first word, inflection,...
Lesson Planet

Punctuation: Visible Speech

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Examine the proper uses of punctuation with this easy PowerPoint. Simple, bold, and straightforward, each slide introduces a different symbol. Difficult or confusing instances are indicated as well.
Lesson Planet

Pancakes for Breakfast

For Teachers K - 1st
Young readers read a book about eating breakfast. They do a picture walk to predict what the story will be about. Learners identify punctuation and pause at the appropriate time during the reading. To close the day, use the basic...
Lesson Planet


For Students K - 1st Standards
Here is an interesting punctuation activity! Your young learners cut out five periods and five question marks. Then, they paste them onto 10 sentences that need end punctuation marks. A good, hands-on lesson for young readers!
Lesson Planet

Get Excited, Get Mad, Show Emotion!

For Teachers K - 2nd
Youngsters explore the importance of becoming fluent, expressive readers by changing their voice when reading a book. They read the book Ella Sarah Gets Dressed, by Margaret Chodos-Irvine, and poems from the book For Laughing Out Loud,...