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6 resources with the keyterm circle dance

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Who was Frederick Douglass? Video
Who was Frederick Douglass?
Thomas Jefferson - Author of The Declaration of Indepence & 3rd U.S. President | Mini Bio | BIO Video
Thomas Jefferson - Author of The...
Biography of Mary Cassatt for Kids: Famous Artists for Children - FreeSchool Video
Biography of Mary Cassatt for Kids: Famous...
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Lesson Planet

Great Balls of Fire - I Got Locomotor Skills

For Teachers K - 5th
Teach and review elementary locomotor skills. Use "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis to get youngsters up and grooving to the beat! The dance steps are described in rich detail and you will have the class jumping, skipping,...
Lesson Planet

Surfin' USA Lummi Stick Routine

For Teachers K - 4th
"Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learning how, come on and safari with me." One of the Beach Boys more famous songs that is bound to get your class up and moving. This dance has basic dance steps and the added dimension of using Lummi...
Lesson Planet

Yoga Ball Bash

For Teachers 5th - 9th
This line dance lesson involves the use of PE equipment. If you have yoga balls and rhythm sticks then take a look at this lesson. Of course there are other things that could be used instead of yoga balls. This is a 48-count dance...
Lesson Planet

YMCA With a Twist

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Skip, march, do some jumping jacks! These are the basic moves in this version of the "YMCA" dance. There are some new poses for each of the letters. Watch the video and learn the new poses, or just use the video to teach the dance to...
Lesson Planet

Creating a Landscape Through Art, Music, Dance, and Poetry

For Teachers 1st - 3rd
A brightly-colored David Hockney landscape painting inspires poetry, dance, music, and paper sculpture in this multi-faceted activity. After brainstorming words inspired by the painting, the whole class collaborates on a cinquain poem,...
Lesson Planet

Jump if you feel like it

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students incorporate historical references into the modern circle dances.