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66 resources with the keyterm friends

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Population Genetics Video
Population Genetics
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was Actually Like Video
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was...
Cells - Overview & Introduction Video
Cells - Overview & Introduction
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Lesson Planet

Family Dance

For Teachers Pre-K - K
A kid raps and dances with his family. He dances with his dad, mom, and little sister. This is a great way to introduce the idea of family dancing to your littlest learners. Have them draw or write a song about their families or plan a...
Lesson Planet

Looking For A Friend

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Friendship is explored in this video in which Abby Caddaby tries to conjure a friend for Elmo. Even though she is unsuccessful, she perseveres. This video could be used to talk about friendship, character traits, or character development.
Lesson Planet

Do You Want to Be My Friend?

For Teachers K - 1st
Learners participate in a variety of emergent and early-literacy activities based on a "friendship" theme. Learners listen to the book Do You Want to Be My Friend by Eric Carle, then echo read, choral read, and independently read...
Lesson Planet

Be Kind

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Spread the word around your school to "Be Kind" to others. The student in this video talks about how her school started a campaign about being kind to others.
Lesson Planet

Helping My Friends Stay on Track

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Good friends help each other stay on track to meet their personal goals. HIgh schoolers discuss how they can be or use co-pilots (friends) to reach their career and education goals. Activities and several worksheets are included.
Lesson Planet

Bedtime Story - Blot And Og's Monster Party

For Teachers Pre-K - 1st
Pages from "Blot and Og's Monster Party" are shown while John Barrowman recites the story, complete with fun voices and crazy words! A great story about a bunch of friends coming together and having a better time than they could have...
Lesson Planet

Helping Hand

For Teachers 1st - 2nd
Students discover ways to help others. They share ways they help their family and friends. Afterward, students trace hand prints on paper and then draw pictures and words to explain how the hands can be used to help other people. They...
Lesson Planet

Building Peer Relationships

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Students investigate the concept of what a friend is and is not. They identify the qualities that are considered important to maintaining a friendship by creating a list. In small groups students discuss the qualities and brainstorm...
Lesson Planet

A Friend, Starting With You!

For Teachers K - 5th
Students examine and identify their own positive character traits and friendship skills and how to make new friends. They discuss the importance of friendship, listen to the book "The 329th Friend," and create an invitation for a new...
Lesson Planet

Your Friends in School: Part 2

For Teachers K - 3rd
Making friends is an important social skill. Talk about the importance of friendship, what makes a friend, and friends found in the classroom. This presentation includes an activity where kids pair-up to make a picture for the class...
Lesson Planet

Our Friendship Chain Links Us Together

For Teachers K
Students explore what makes a good friend. They listen to songs, list qualities of a good friend, draw a picture of their friends on a paper link, and create a class paper chain.
Lesson Planet

Life's Greatest Pleasures

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Learners explore the meaning of what makes life pleasurable.  In this social awareness lesson, students read an article that states things that people might enjoy doing for pleasure, then complete numerous activities to reinforce what...
Lesson Planet

Developing Friendships

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Students listen to the book Friends and discuss how to make friends and the characteristics of good friends. In this friends lesson, students listen to the story and practice role playing on how to make friendships.
Lesson Planet

Here I Am!

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Student use the letters in their own first names to help hunt for friends who share some of the consonants/vowels that they do. In this active language lesson, students meet new friends using the letters that spell their first names.
Lesson Planet

A Quilt of Many Colors

For Teachers 1st
First graders learn the "Quilt Song." They brainstorm items they could draw that would remind them of the person in the song. Students work in groups to complete a "Person Outline" page (included with the lesson). They draw one part of...
Lesson Planet

Making 'Friends'

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students read "Fans Gear Up to Say Goodbye to 'Friends'" from The New York Times and discuss the elements of the sitcom 'Friends' that made it such a success. After brainstorming reasons for 'Friends' popularity, students work in groups...
Lesson Planet

Bar Codes

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Middle schoolers identify five good qualities of a friend, four helping activities and carry out an activity to help a friend.
Lesson Planet

Family And Friends

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Middle schoolers explore and practice how to answer question forms and to use key vocabulary about family and friends. They assess how to find out more about each other's friends and families by completing a worksheet full of questions...
Lesson Planet

Flavorful Friends

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Learners read a book about friends, talk about good friends, and make "flavorful friends" out of food. In this friends lesson plan, students make their "friends" out of cookies, raisins, m&m's, and more.
Lesson Planet

New Friends Bingo

For Students 1st - 4th
In this friends activity, students find someone who does the thing asked of in each box and writes their name down. Students complete this for 24 boxes.
Lesson Planet

Facebook Worksheets

For Students 3rd - 6th
In this friends worksheet, students read a text, fill out a profile, fill in the blanks to short sentences, and more. Students complete 5 activities.
Lesson Planet

Friends are Quiet Angels

For Students 4th - 6th
For this friends worksheet, students fill in the blanks, complete a word search, complete past forms of verbs, and more having to do with friends. Students complete 4 activities total.
Lesson Planet


For Students 3rd - 6th
For this friends worksheet, students choose the correct word to complete the sentences about friends. Students complete 7 multiple choice questions.
Lesson Planet

Building Background

For Teachers 5th - 7th
In this researching lesson, students choose Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, or Mark Antony to research. Students will analyze the characteristics of a leader and compare them to their chosen research subject. Students will create group...