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4 resources with the keyterm man

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Phonics Song 2 (new version) Video
Phonics Song 2 (new version)
The Secret World of Animal Sleep 101 Sleepless on the Savanna Video
The Secret World of Animal Sleep 101...
Volcano Video
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Lesson Planet

Knowledge or Instinct? Jack London's "To Build a Fire"

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students examine the relationship of man and nature in "To Build a Fire" and discuss the juxtaposition of knowledge and instinct. They investigate third person, omniscient point of view.
Lesson Planet

M is for Man

For Students Pre-K - K
In this handwriting practice activity, students trace and practice writing the letter 'M' both in upper and lower case letters. They also identify the object illustrated and trace and write the term man as shown.
Lesson Planet

The Gingerbread Man

For Teachers 1st
First graders read a story from sentence strips and charts. Student pairs are called on to read their answer and move that strip to the top of the chart. One line of students moves down, giving each student a new partner. The activity...
Lesson Planet

Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat"

For Teachers 9th - 12th
High schoolers critically examine the relationship of man and nature in Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat." students examine the third person point of view and conduct in-depth character analysis.