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126 resources with the keyterm negative

Lesson Planet

The Fall of the Dollar

For Teachers 10th - 12th
Students synthesize the basic workings of the international market for foreign exchange, especially how exchange rates are determined, how the value of a nation's currency is connected to its international trade, and how governmental...
Lesson Planet

Coordinate Graphing

For Students 10th
In this coordinate graph worksheet, 10th graders graph and complete 10 pairs of numbers on the illustrated gird. They graph each x point and label it on the graph. Then, students graph each y point listed on the graph and label those...
Lesson Planet

Combining Like Terms

For Students 9th
In this combining like terms worksheet, 9th graders solve and complete the table for combining like terms for each of 10 problems shown. First, they identify which terms are alike in each problem and rewrite them together. Then, students...
Lesson Planet

Order of Operations

For Students 9th - Higher Ed
In this order of operations worksheet, students solve 5 different algebraic equations by applying the order of operations method. They multiply, divide, add, subtract, square, and cube numbers as stated for each of the five equations.
Lesson Planet

That's Your Side of the Story!

For Teachers 12th
Twelfth graders discuss the elements of effective debating. they debate governmental issues after reseraching selected topics. With student permission, the debate may be videotaped for viewing to other classes or during open house.
Lesson Planet

Integer Arithmetic

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Students solve integer-based problems. They add and subtract integers as well find missing integers. They represent a scenario involving positive and negative integers and solve it.