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306 resources with the keyterm rhythm

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Who was Frederick Douglass? Video
Who was Frederick Douglass?
Thomas Jefferson - Author of The Declaration of Indepence & 3rd U.S. President | Mini Bio | BIO Video
Thomas Jefferson - Author of The...
Phonics Song 2 (new version) Video
Phonics Song 2 (new version)
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Lesson Planet

Time Signatures

For Students 2nd - 12th
You'll never miss a beat with a resource packet filled with puzzles, quizzes, and activity worksheets that focus on time signatures. Don't quaver or rest until you score this packet.
Lesson Planet

Syncopated Duet

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Young scholars work in pairs to compose a duet (with percussion instruments) that contains syncopated rhythm sequences. Each student will research a piece of music that they feel uses syncopation and will give a persuasive speech to the...
Lesson Planet

Spice Up Your Poetry with Figurative Language

For Teachers 5th - 7th
Pupils are introduced to the poetic works of Kechia Williams and the different elements of poetry. They explore figurative language and rhythm. Next, learners read poems from various poets and share with the class one of their favorite...
Lesson Planet

Rhythm and Improv, Jazz and Poetry

For Teachers 11th - 12th
Connect the ideas of jazz improvisation and art to writing poetry. Learners collaborate and write different lines of poetry, imitating the jazz styles of improvisation and freewriting. Take a close look at the poems "Tenebrae" by Yusef...
Lesson Planet

Art, Math, And Jazz

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Jazz is a colorful music movement that hints to a time and stems from a history that invokes curiosity and interest. Introduce your little learners to jazz with this artistic and rhythmic animated video.
Lesson Planet

Create a Music Carnival

For Teachers 2nd
This outstanding lesson plan will encourage your students to combine their knowledge of rhythm, pitch, tone and color with their imaginations to create original compositions about animals. They create a music carnival to "Peter and the...
Lesson Planet

Rhythm, Patterns, Color and Texture in Art and Poetry

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Explore rhythm, patterns, color and texture in art and poetry. In this poetry lesson, students perform a class symphony and note the elements they experience. Students work in small groups to create a visual art piece that relates the...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 1st - 2nd
The perception of rhythms by reading and the ability to auditorily discriminate these rhythm patterns by listening to them performed by the teacher is practiced here. your students will work to create an eight-beat long rhythm pattern.
Lesson Planet

The Poet's Toolbox

For Teachers 3rd - 6th Standards
If you need a lesson for your poetry unit, use two poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ("Rain in Summer" and "The Slave in the Dismal Swamp") and a resource on Elements of Poetry. The lesson plan guides you through activities on...
Lesson Planet

The Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe: Sound, Tone, and Rhythm

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
Focus on the musicality of poetry by reading out loud or playing a recording of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Bells" and "The City and the Sea." Discuss the tone, rhythm, and sounds of the poems before launching into a written analysis of the...
Lesson Planet

Equal Rhythms

For Teachers 3rd - 5th Standards
Engage young mathematicians in learning about fractions with this cross-curricular math and music instructional activity. After listening to and repeating different beat patterns, children realize that musical notes are just another way...
Lesson Planet

Sounds and Sense: Forms of Poetry

For Teachers 7th - 8th
How many different types of rhyme can you think of? This PowerPoint includes five different types, as well as six other poetry terms to learn. Each word has its own slide and is paired with a definition and example. Since all of the...
Lesson Planet

6th Grade: Express Yourself, Lesson 2: Close Read

For Teachers 6th Standards
The second lesson of a pair about Paul Laurence Dunbar, this plan focuses in particular on his poem, "We Wear the Masks." After a short historical introduction, class members conduct a series or readings, marking up the text and...
Lesson Planet

Follow The Leader - Soca Style

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Here's a great warm-up activity to get your dancers up and moving. There are some very basic moves like hopping, sliding, marching, and bouncing in place. Add some hand and arm movements. Some days you could have slower music and some...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 4th - 9th
This line dance incorporates the grapevine, step-claps, the Twist, and the Lindy step. It's a great way to introduce the Lindy step in a line dance before teaching them to dance the Lindy with a partner. The directions are well written...
Lesson Planet


For Teachers 1st - 12th
Hey Macarena! Just a few moves to learn. It's only a 16-count dance that keeps repeating.  Hands in front, palms down, then palms up, hands to upper arms, hands to arms, hands to hips, hands to cheeks, and wiggle. Yes! That's all there...
Lesson Planet

Great Balls of Fire - I Got Locomotor Skills

For Teachers K - 5th
Teach and review elementary locomotor skills. Use "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis to get youngsters up and grooving to the beat! The dance steps are described in rich detail and you will have the class jumping, skipping,...
Lesson Planet

Swiss Ball Square Dance

For Teachers 4th - 10th
Combine square dancing and a Swiss ball. There are quite a few square dance moves and how to do them while sitting on, or carrying a Swiss ball. Teach these square dance moves to the class. Then have them work together in small groups to...
Lesson Planet

Dance Cards

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Let little dancers choreograph a dance using steps they have learned in the unit. Write the names of the dance steps that have been taught on sets of index cards. Make sure that each set of cards you create has a mix of the dance steps....
Lesson Planet

Opposite Grapevines

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
There are really only four basic moves in this line dance. Those dance moves are: grapevine, slide, marching, and then dipping and clapping. Each 8-count is repeated twice, for a total of a 64-count dance. The unique addition to this...
Lesson Planet

March Madness

For Teachers 4th - 10th
Get those boys dancing! Here's a dance activity that is choreographed around the use of a basketball. Teach them this line dance and see how they do. Watch the provided video yourself, or better yet, use the video to teach this dance....
Lesson Planet

Disco Dances

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Two line dances that are similar yet different. These two dances are performed to disco music, fast and upbeat. Do grapevines, heel-toe moves, and even tuck your arms up and flap them like chicken wings. These two dances are sure to get...
Lesson Planet

Space Jam Dance

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Do the "Space Jam" dance! A dance that is made up of basketball skills movements, such as: dribbling, defending with hands up, pivoting, shooting, and slam dunks. The dance step descriptions are very well written out with cues for...
Lesson Planet

"Here We Go" Parachute Routine

For Teachers 3rd - 6th
Rather than just shouting out commands on what to do with a parachute, turn some music on and make it a dance routine. This seems like a pretty cool way to engage young learners. Make a dome, hop, make waves, walk, twist, and shake that...