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19 resources with the keyterm coordinate system

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Volcano Video
The Circulatory System Part 1: The Heart Video
The Circulatory System Part 1: The Heart
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Population Genetics
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Lesson Planet

Writing Task 6.NS.6

For Students 5th - 7th Standards
Engage young mathematicians in using their knowledge of the coordinate plane to reduce Baltimore's crime rate with a fun exit card problem. After first using a coordinate grid to graph the ordered pairs corresponding to crime locations,...
Lesson Planet

Battle Ship Using Grid Paper

For Teachers 4th - 6th Standards
You sank my battleship! The iconic cry of the time-honored game, Battleship will be heard in classrooms with this learning game that requires only grid paper, pencils, and an introductory knowledge of the first quadrant of the coordinate...
Lesson Planet

Coordinates 1

For Students 3rd - 4th
In this math learning exercise, students fill in a chart by determining the location of different shapes on a coordinate system. Students are reminded to crawl (x-axis) before they climb (y-axis).
Lesson Planet

Shapes on a grid #1

For Students 3rd - 5th Standards
Before learning about the coordinate plane and ordered pairs, have kids get used finding locations on the grid. They are given a simple set of coordinates, which they will locate on the grid. A great way to introduce the concept. 
Lesson Planet

Location on a Grid

For Students 2nd - 5th Standards
There are 12 symbols on this large grid, and scholars must record a location for each. They use the coordinate pair system which is made easier because every symbol is directly inside a square. Use this to introduce coordinate pair...
Lesson Planet

Location on a Grid

For Students 3rd - 5th Standards
Make coordinate pairs more engaging by having beginners color-code a grid based on given locations. The grid has numbers along the y-axis and letters along the x-axis, introducing them to the ordering of coordinate pairs with the x-axis...
Lesson Planet

Traveling Around the World?

For Teachers 8th - 9th
Using a longitude and latitude map that relates to the coordinate grid and job description cards that come with places to travel to, young mathematical travelers use the distance formula and The Pythagorean Theorem to answer questions...
Lesson Planet

Geometric Figures & Coordinate Space

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Math whizzes examine the shape properties on a coordinate grid and explore how the coordinate system enables us to discover the properties of shapes and the relationships among points in a geometric plane. They connect graphic locations...
Lesson Planet

Graph It

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Elementary and middle schoolers engage in a lesson of graphing in quadrant I of the coordinate plain. They use the graph to create shapes and symbols. While using a graphing calculator, they locate the points on the coordinate plane. In...
Lesson Planet

Four-Quadrant Grid

For Students 4th - 5th Standards
This is a nifty tool to keep on hand, especially when addressing CCSS.Math.Content.6.NS.6 standards. It is, simply, a Cartesian coordinate plane with all four quadrants. Give individuals one each, and then call out or write ordered pairs...
Lesson Planet

Treasure Hunt

For Teachers 3rd - 4th
In this treasure hunt worksheet, students fill in the blanks with the correct coordinates. As students fill in the coordinates, they trace their route on a treasure map.
Lesson Planet

Equations for Curves Passing through a Given Set of Points

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
Learner use three random locations on the coordinate system and simplify the expression and assign result to the variable loc. They substitute guesses for the center and radius of the circle in the equation for the center of a circle and...
Lesson Planet

Make a Classroom Map

For Teachers 6th - 10th
Students map the items in their classroom to explain the importance of coordinate systems.
Lesson Planet

How Do Cartographers Find Points on a Map?

For Teachers 9th
Ninth graders describe latitude and longitude and how they may be useful to find things on a map.  In this cartography lesson students divide into groups and devise a coordinate system that can be used to communicate a position. 
Lesson Planet

Math 222. Worksheet 8. Cartesian Coordinates

For Students Higher Ed
In this Cartesian coordinate worksheet, students eliminate cross-product terms by a rotation of the axes, graph polar equations, and find the equation for a tangent line. This two-page worksheet contains approximately 30 problems.
Lesson Planet

A slope or not a slope? That is the question.

For Teachers 8th
Eighth graders investigate concepts related to Cartesian Coordinates. They use a creative game at the beginning of the lesson to identify quadrants by passing candy to one another. The rest of the lesson is using vocabulary and problem...
Lesson Planet

Introduction To Polar Coordinates

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students investigate the polar coordinate system and practice plotting using Cartesian Coordinates. They find the angle and the radius and plot them while comprehending the ordered pairs using the x and y axis. The lesson includes...
Lesson Planet

Navigation, Working With Coordinates

For Teachers 6th - 8th
Middle schoolers view a polar view map and discuss ways of telling locations on the map. They view a copy of the map superimposed on a coordinate grid, then discuss ways of telling the locations. Students practice as a class and then...
Lesson Planet

Mapquest Distances

For Teachers 1st - 2nd
Young scholars locate items on a grid using the coordinate grid. They graph different distances using Mapquest maps. They compare the distances and work as a class to graph the different distances.