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Lesson Planet

Land Ho! Early Exploration and Settlement of the Americas

For Teachers 1st
Students complete a unit to learn about early American exploration. In this Americas exploration lesson, students complete eight lessons of activities to learn about Columbus's discovery of the new world and the early exploration of the...
Lesson Planet

Beyond Chopsticks and Rice

For Teachers 8th
Students explore the stereotypical American images of China. In this English and World History lesson, students read a novel to become familiar with China and its people. Students research various events in China's history and report...
Lesson Planet

“Origins: Earth is Born” Worksheet

For Students 7th - 10th
In this "Origins: Earth is Born" worksheet, students watch the movie and respond to 19 short answer questions pertaining to the origins of the planet.
Lesson Planet

“NOVA - Origins: How Life Began” Worksheet

For Students 7th - 12th
In this origins of life worksheet, students watch the video "NOVA - Origins: How Life Began." Students respond to 27 short answer and fill in the blank questions regarding origins of life.  
Lesson Planet

"Origins: Back to the Beginning" Worksheet

For Students 6th - 9th
In this origins of the universe instructional activity, students answer questions that are associated with the video, "Origins: Back to the Beginning." They write short answers or fill in the blanks with material from the movie or from...
Lesson Planet

Movie: The Mind’s Big Bang

For Students 7th - 12th
In this "The Mind's Big Bang" worksheet, students watch the movie and respond to 9 short answer questions regarding information from the documentary.
Lesson Planet

Biographical Time lines

For Teachers 2nd - 3rd
Students create a time line. In this biography lesson, students define biography and autobiography and then read short examples of each. Students create a time line using a read aloud.
Lesson Planet

Steps to Freedom

For Teachers K - 4th
Students complete discussion and reading comprehension activities for the novel Almost to Freedom by Vaunda Micheax Nelson. In this African American history lesson, students discuss the Underground Railroad and complete a reading...
Lesson Planet

Our National Documents

For Teachers 6th - 9th
Students explore the significance of National Documents. In this National Documents lesson, students read handouts regarding the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Students complete the provided...
Lesson Planet

Our National Documents

For Teachers 8th - 11th
Students consider the significance of selected American documents. In this civics lesson, students analyze excerpts of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
Lesson Planet

Assessing Flashback

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Students develop examples of flashback in their own individual writing. In this language arts lesson, students write an original story that incorporates the literary device flashback. Students also assess each other's work by exchanging...
Lesson Planet

Cuban Missile Crisis

For Teachers 10th
Tenth graders study the sequence of events that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. For this Cuban Missile Crisis lesson, 10th graders examine primary documents regarding the crisis and write personal reflections pertaining to the threat of...
Lesson Planet

The Nation in Conflict: The Vietnam War

For Teachers 11th - 12th
Students explore American involvement in the Vietnam War. In this research skills lesson, students research Internet and print sources regarding the involvement of the United States in the war and the impact of the war on American...
Lesson Planet

History at Home: The Object Box

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Students examine "artifacts". In this anthropology lesson, students analyze possible uses for objects such as washboards, hot water bottles, and old magazines. Students record and share their speculations with their classmates.
Lesson Planet

Nature’s Fury—Myths and Drama

For Teachers 5th
Fifth graders explore the elements of theatre. In this dramatic performances lesson, 5th graders discuss the structural elements of theatre and dramatize "The Origins of the Season," an explanation myth.
Lesson Planet

Contemporary Inuit Sculpture

For Teachers 5th - 7th
Students use Inuit stories to create a three-dimensional scene from a legend. In this Inuit art lesson plan, students view an Inuit artwork slideshow to learn about legends in art. Students then create their own sculpture using one of...