Unit Plan

100 People: Global Issues Through Our Lens

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

If the world were 100 people...17 would not have access to safe drinking water, 18 would not be able to read or write, and 52 would not have a primary education. Using the theme of "100 people," this resource explores other major issues facing the world today by integrating current events into general curriculum. It includes four units and 40 lessons, designed to span the entire academic year, evaluating 10 issues of critical global concern: water, food, transportation, health, economy, education, energy, shelter, war, and waste.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Classroom Considerations
  • This is a major instructional endeavor that will require a great deal of preparation; however, the components are organized in such a way as to really support the instructor. 
  • If you happen upon this resource in the middle of the school year, consider choosing one or two lessons to acquaint learners with at least some of the global issues noted. Then, offer them the opportunity to explore the other issues as part of personal inquiry or an extra credit project
  • Each of the 40 lessons includes instructional objective, list of materials, sequence of activities, collaborative practice, and homework assignment
  • Unit develops important skills, such as evaluating sources and choosing research topics, alongside instructional content
  • Several lessons based on inquiry, collaboration, and student-centered learning
  • Fascinating, well-produced videos for each type of global concern
  • None