12th Grade Expository Reading and Writing Research Project

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This 12th Grade Expository Reading and Writing Research Project activity also includes:

The beauty in this resource is the lengthy list of highly charged, controversial-issue research topics. Categories include issues of race, politics, law, environment, education, athletics, gender, and technology. After selecting a topic, partners create a research portfolio of documents on both sides of the question, adopt a position on the issue, write a paper, and then create a presentation for the class. A carefully crafted project.

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Instructional Ideas
  • The topics suggested can also be used for class debates
  • Attach to the assignment sheet: a calendar that indicates due dates for the various components, rubrics for the portfolio, paper, and the presentation
Classroom Considerations
  • The assignment sheet can to be edited to remove class-specific references
  • The list of hot-button topics is sure to engage class members
  • The directions for the six steps in the project are clear and concise
  • The checkpoints ensure that the instructor can keep track of student progress


  • No rubrics for the portfolio, the paper, or the presentation are included