24 Hour Number Line

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Learning to calculate elapsed time can be a struggle for young mathematicians. Help your class overcome this hurdle in their learning with these simple 24-hour number lines that start at 12 midnight, pass through 12 noon, and finally end back at 12 midnight.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Cut these number lines apart and provide each student with their own, allowing them to use it as support during a lesson series on elapsed time
  • Display this number for the class when demonstrating how to solve elapsed time word problems
Classroom Considerations
  • Extend the life of these number lines by laminating them, covering them with clear packaging tape, or simply printing them on card stock
  • Before making copies, label each half of the number lines with AM and PM to further support children with learning about time
  • Each hour is labeled, with different-sized marks indicating hour and half hour increments
  • Number line clearly demonstrations the cyclic nature of time
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