"A and An Song"–English Lesson for "A and An"–Rockin' English

The catchy beat and informative lyrics of this video support grammar instruction of indefinite articles a and an. As the song plays in the background, sentences and charts showcased when to use a or an with vowels or consonants. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Hook your learners with a song; play this video at the start of your grammar instruction
  • Give the link to class members so they can watch the video, and sign along at home with their family
  • Call out words and ask pupils to decide which article goes in front; make it game and award points to those who answer first 
Classroom Considerations

  • Teaching about the use of an with words that start with a consonant but have a vowel sound is recommended as the video does not address this concept

  • Lyrics are listed in the description section below the video 
  • Each example sentence highlights the indefinite article as well as the following consonant or vowel 

  • The video explains how and an are used before consonants and vowel letters, but not before sounds 
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