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A Classroom Solar System

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This A Classroom Solar System lesson plan also includes:

Create a scaled model of our solar system in your classroom! Scholars work collaboratively to build paper mache planets and hang them in their proper position to showcase each planet's location in the solar system.   

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Instructional Ideas
  • Save time and money; send a letter home asking for materials donations
  • Recreate the snow shovel example with sand and a garden shovel 
  • Design and display the model solar system at Back-to-School-Night or Open House    
Classroom Considerations
  • The resource is the ninth in a series of 10 lesson plans that explore our solar system 
  • Check your school's policy for hanging objects from the ceiling prior to conducting the lesson 
  • The activity provides a hands-on example that offers a more substantial context for pupils to observe 
  • The finished product adds informative flare to your classroom decor   
  • None