A Guide to Political Donations

Voters determine the outcome of elections, but campaign donors can influence the attitudes of those voters. Explore nine examples of donors and the amounts of money they want to contribute, and the legal ways the groups can or cannot contribute to their cause.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign the link to learners the day before a discussion about campaign finance or super PACs
  • Encourage individuals or groups to research real-world examples of super PACs or other campaign donors, tracing the money from donor to recipient, and the possible motivations of each donation
  • Display the resource on a document viewer or Smart Board to demonstrate the different ways money can influence an election

Classroom Considerations

  • Requires Internet access
  • Designed for the 2012 election, so examples reference politicians from that time period, but the activity is applicable to any election
  • Does not include a lesson plan or worksheet; integrate the activity into an existing lesson

  • Points out where the donation can fall in a helpful graphic
  • Interactive format poses an effective question-and-answer process

  • None
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