A Lesson on Register

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The classroom might not be the best place for informal language, but it's a great place to teach middle and high schoolers how to identify the correct language register for their audience. A short lesson on formal and informal language prompts your class to edit example letters to reflect the correct tone, depending for whom the letters are intended.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners write their own informal letters and follow the steps to make them formal, or vice versa depending on skill level of your class
  • Encourage your class to script both formal and informal versions of a conversation, and act them out in front of the class with peers
  • Assign one of the sample letters as a class activity for learners to complete with a partner or small group
Classroom Considerations

  • Some of the instructional material is wordy; use what you need and skip to the practice pages if necessary
  • Sample letters are in italics, which might be confusing when discussing the format of a letter

  • A straightforward and applicable way to teach a complex concept
  • Provides steps that are easy to understand and follow

  • None