A Plague on Both Your Houses: a Romantic Guide To Transgression

What are the roles within your family, culture and society as well as the personal and societal consequences of transgressing them? To explore this question, class members look at long-held traditions, examples in literature (Romeo and Juliet), as well as contemporary examples of transgression as seen in current events.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Although designed as a complete thematic unit, several of the activities could easily be adapted to any study of Romeo and Juliet

  • The interdisciplinary unit includes lessons that focus on the traditions of various cultures, links to related materials, activities, and exercises
  • Class members are asked to reflect on the rules and traditions of their family and/or culture and to consider the consequence of breaking these rules

  • Examine the packet of materials to determine whether the entire unit or just some of the activities are appropriate for your learning situation