A Salt Marsh Ecosystem

What a web we weave. Pupils use yarn as the primary resource to create a web depicting the intricacies of a salt marsh ecosystem. They participate in a question and answer session, which leads to an in-depth facilitated discussion about the importance of ecosystems and how daily activities influence the natural order of our environment.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Allow students to predict the effect of construction or demolition on a food web and describe this as a full class discussion
  • Allow class members to create a food web from a different ecosystem, including the creation of a visual display 
Classroom Considerations

  • Review basic knowledge of predator/prey relationships and food chains prior to beginning this activity

  • Provides students with a great visualization of food webs and how they may be affected
  • Household items may be recycled each year
  • Easy to attain differentiation and modification

  • None