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A Ticket to Philly—In 1769: Thinking about Cities, Then and Now

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This A Ticket to Philly—In 1769: Thinking about Cities, Then and Now lesson plan also includes:

While cities had only a small fraction of the population in colonial America, they played a significant role in pre-revolutionary years, and this was certainly true for the largest city in the North American colonies: Philadelphia. Your learners will begin by considering how a city is like an organism, adding to T-charts that list what the main intakes, internal processes, and outputs of a city are and how they are performed. They will then familiarize themselves with the main elements of a city map and "take a walk" through eighteenth century Philadelphia, reading a narrative filled with sensory imagery and valuable historical information.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Rich variety of activities accommodate different learning styles
  • Vivid reading material will make your learners feel as if they have stepped into the time period
  • Develops skills for reading and interpreting maps
  • Instructional directions are clearly articulated
  • Consider having some steps performed in collaborative groups rather than as independent work in order to more fully guide the process and check for understanding among learners
  • Will involve some prep time to print and copy activity materials