Abstract Nouns and Concrete Nouns

This Abstract Nouns and Concrete Nouns worksheet also includes:

Practice identifying concrete and abstract nouns with a worksheet that offers three different ways to show what enthusiastic grammarians know. First, pupils read a passage and identify the nouns; second, they think up three more of their own; and lastly, they write a sentence using one concrete and one abstract noun. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Read the directions aloud, emphasizing the words underline and circle, and instruct class members to circle and underline the words for practice
  • Assign the worksheet as homework, independent practice, or as small group skills practice 
Classroom Considerations

  • Copies are required 
  • Learners should be familiar with concrete and abstract nouns

  • A brief overview of abstract and concrete nouns is provided before the start of the assignment 
  • Directions are clear and easy to follow

  • None
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