Acid-Base Reactions in Solution

Ever wonder why old headstones in cemeteries are difficult to read? Learn about acid-base reactions and how these contribute to the defacing of statues and headstones and how improving the way we burn coal has decreased these effects.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Before the video, show pictures of worn headstones or statues and ask pairs to explain how these stones have been worn down over time
  • After the video, have learners tweak their answers, incorporating more chemistry into their explanations
  • Incorporate a PBL where learners research coal-burning power plants, their effects on the environment, their numbers in the U.S., their contribution to greenhouse gases, and their requirements in order to burn coal cleaner
Classroom Considerations

  • Must have a computer, Internet access, and projection system 

  • Video shows application of chemistry concepts through burning coal and acid rain formation
  • Resource creates connections between math and science (both chemistry and environmental science)
  • Video challenges students to do further math on their own
  • Offers simple explanations with supporting examples learners can see in their everyday lives

  • At 9:50 in the video, it poses a question and states, "The answer is in the comments below." There is inappropriate language within some of the comments so do not scroll through them in class; pull the answer from the comments and post in the room 
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