Acid Rain

Rain, rain, go away ... at least if your pH is below six! The sixth installment in a series of seven videos teaching about pollution and our atmosphere shows learners the facts about acid rain. Embedded pauses allow you to stop and check for understanding. This resource is a must-see during an environmental health unit!

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Instructional Ideas

  • Prepare the bread in the vinegar/bread water demonstration shown during the video before class to illustrate the difference pH makes on organisms and their growth
Classroom Considerations

  • Provide the class with a pH scale for reference during the video if they are less familiar with acids and bases
  • Prior knowledge of soil composition, combustion, and air composition would be helpful for viewing the resource

  • The video describes all of the factors associated with the production of acid rain in an easy, straightforward manner
  • Viewers could use the content to design experiments to test the soil pH and rain pH in their areas for the presence of acid rain — a great real-world extension that interests young scientists

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