Actually, the World Isn't Flat

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Are we really as connected to the world community as we believe? Economist Pankaj Ghemawat conveys that peoples' perceptions of the degree of globalization that exists today is drastically inflated, which in turn may have negative consequences in our willingness to connect to foreign neighbors or extend a helping hand. You can use this video to begin a discussion or project on a variety of topics, such as ensuring you possess the right data before coming to a hasty conclusion, or on where globalization efforts should be focused in the future.

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  • Valuable for encouraging learners to consider their role in a world community
  • Opportunity to flip the video: create your own multiple choice and/or open-answer questions and add additional resources (requires free online registration)

  • Preview video beforehand in order to provide your class with needed vocabulary (i.e. export to GDP ratio)
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