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Congratulations! You exist, thanks to the wonders of biology and adaptations. The focus of the lesson explains many adaptations of plants and animals and how the environment has influenced the process. A hands-on activity demonstrates the importance of opposable thumbs.

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Instructional Ideas

  • After completing Part B, let students see if it is easier to complete those same activities with their feet/toes than it is without an opposable thumb
  • Show videos of highly successful people who have overcome limitations; for example, the 2016 national handwriting champion doesn't have hands and one of the best archers doesn't have arms
Classroom Considerations

  • Looks best printed in color
  • This is the first in a set of five lessons

  • Lesson packet can be handed to students to complete with only minimal supervision; this makes it perfect for a substitute lesson plan
  • The photographs include great detail

  • A majority of the lesson is reading and answering questions rather than hands-on, experiment, or inquiry-based
  • Document permissions do not allow for printing